How do I get 5 seconds off my time on ForzaRC Rivals?

I am trying to get the VW Type 2 van and my time is 2:12, but I need to get a 2:07 to get the van. How do I do it?

In general, real world tips for improving lap times will apply to the virtual track, especially for events with race cars on real world tracks. Among resources online, you could read Driving the racing line: turn-in, apex, exit - which covers topics on braking zones, apex, and acceleration zones. Losing time in cornering will make a significant difference on the leaderboards.

Specific to the game, you’ll want to remove many of the Driving Assists. Automatic shifting is slower than Manual, which is slower than Manual + Clutch (due to both the time to complete the shift but also control over the shift points), so if you haven’t moved past Automatic then be sure to work on that and throttle control. TCS Off is often advantageous to experienced drivers, but in this case many of them are using TCS On; it can help control wheelspin in high powered cars. ABS On will also result in slower lap times compared to ABS Off. All of these settings relate to refining your gradual control of controller inputs so you get a feel of how the car is handling on the track and take it to the limit of grip without losing control.

Specific to an event, in this case it’s helpful that everyone is using the same car and tuning. When you’re in the event menu, select the Leaderboard and then Watch Replay for some of the fastest drivers. While watching the replay, turn on Telemetry display, and pay particular attention to which gears the drivers are using for each corner. You may see that they shift less often and stay in higher gears through corners. You can also watch for when they brake before corners (note that braking technique is gradual, not zero-to-100%), and where they turn in. Look for the distance markers along the side of the course or other visual cues to help you know when to brake.

You may find it helpful to choose either your own ghost as your gamertag to race against, or a Near Me time about a second faster than your lap time to chase, and see where they brake and turn during the lap. Be sure to Watch Replay briefly, then back out of the replay and Set as Rival in order for the rival ghost to appear during your lap.


I just checked your 02:12:554.
You have ABS on (not good), TCS is ok with this car, and you drive full AUTO (not good).
After watching your replay …

  • you are most of the time far away from the ‘racing line’, even on a straight line
  • you can cut the corners way more
  • you need to smoothen your steering !!! what’s that wiggle when you drive in a straight line ?

Maybe you want to check this first …

After that, you find the answers to all your questions inside the leaderboard …

  • disable as much assists as possible, they all slow you down (ABS, STM, TCS, AUTOMATIC)
    but like already stated by ManteoMax, with this car the most of the top 1000 players leave TCS ON!
    (at the moment top 1000 also means beat all of the 5 bounties, because RBW Triton is place 1039 right now)

  • you should definitely disable ABS and STM (you already have) because they slow you down too much.

  • track limits … are not the white lines … you can cut a lot of corners massive ! (1, 4, 7,15, 16, 17)

  • check the replay of one of the top guys to see the real limits of the track without dirty your lap (Raceboy77, F4H Super GT, or anybody else with 2:02 - 2:04 times)

  • using automatic i think 2:05:xxx is the very limit, and only with a very good driving line and cutting as much as possible
    at the moment only 2 people are faster than Triton, using automatic. you can find the most time switching to manual.
    the fastest person with FULL AUTO atm is ‘Rubenski777’ with 02:06:381 @ 958 (if you want to use his ghost)

(fun fact … right now I have to use full AUTO by myself because my cable for the shifter is broken … and Fanatec uses a fancy proprietary one I have to order first. I sit at 02:06:674 with TCS and full AUTO, which is place 1236 and faster than Mechberg at least right now - Mechberg is the bounty for the VW Type 2 - he has a 02:07:870 right now.
But a 02:05:xxx is definitely possible if you want to stay with full AUTO.

Check the official thread for more suggestions

Good luck.

And always remember … ‘Be water my friend’ :wink:


Thanks for looking at my time, I have been trying manual and making my corners better.

I am doing the #ForzaRC Ladder Challange and in 3 days I went from a 2:12:270 to a 2:12:070. I don’t know how to get a 2:07:126 so I can get the VW Type 2 van. Please help me!