March Bounty Hunter aka Ladder Challenge

Thanks! And, best of luck to you on your runs!


GREAT job! You even passed Triton, way to go!


I hope that MB is a typo because it was already given earlier. That non AMG MB would be better since that was not given before.

Took me 147 laps in 2 sessions to beat this. Hands are aching.

E: And yeah, despite leaderboard times are with tcs I found that personally without it I was faster. Took me only last 10 laps without assists to beat them. Those first 137 laps I went with stm and tcs separately trying them out. I got so annoyed with that power loss of I slide even a bit, so I took it off and now I can finally drive something else than Sebring.

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This is a new FE Benz. The Mercedes-AMG one previously awarded is a 2016, while this is the 2012 Mercedes-Benz one.

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Well darn, it looks like I am going to have to back at it tonight. I was ahead of Jennifer and Garret and they were the only ones I am capable of beating, it is what it is. But now Garret and “Trex” got ahead of me. But I had only ran 6 laps or so and I should be able to find some speed to get back by them.

For those still looking for tenths. Here are a couple of videos from Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets youtube page that may help you.

Performance Driving Tip - Why Some Drivers Are Faster

Some good philosophical advice on how to absorb and process more sensory inputs so you can go faster.

Why Smooth is Fast - Performance Driving Tip

A good explanantion on the smooth is fast philosophy and how weight ransfer affects traction.

From my experience, the Vette’s rear end will want to step out if you have too much weight on the front tires on corner entry through to the apex. I run into this in Turns 13, 15, 16 and 17 the most.
If you’re using TC and stab the gas while the back of the car is sliding, TC will kick in like a hammer and kill your acceleration out of the corner until the rear is settled.

Another subtle thing I’ve noticed in the slow corners is when you release the brakes and start to apply throttle. If the back end of the car is in check but you’re still carrying a smidge too much speed, the front of the car will push momentarily as weight transfers rearward. If you apply too much throttle before the front tires re-grip, the push will continue and you’ll either go too wide on exit an dirty your lap, or you’ll need to add more steering input to keep the car on line and scrub your exit speed. Again, it’s a subtle thing I’ve noticed.

When Smooth Is NOT Fast - How to Drive Faster: Performance Driving Tip

IMO, Ross’ advice applies to T7 and T10 the most.


Kind of interesting to see the area that I struggle with, I’ve noticed many others have too. Consistency. I can generally see the lines I should be taking, I just cannot for the life of me get them all, together. No doubt in my mind I’d have a decent time in the 2:06s if I could, but as of now I worked harder than I care to admit just for my 2:07.095, and I’m kind of put off on running more laps on this event until Brian updates his time (if he does), as I’m not sure my heart’s in it for another 30ish laps just for an extra tenth, especially not so if Brian improves greatly.

I might try the smoothness technique though…I’ve generally been ok with the throttle but it may mean the difference between me settling for a low 2:07 and a mid-2:06. I’m well ahead of the other two for the cars, so Brian’s my final target. Don’t care too much over the Driver Gears, but if I just so happen to win one, hey, won’t complain!

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The times in these bounty hunters are so fake. I have watched Mechberg lots of times on streams and he is not a fast driver. No way did he run a 2:07 in this event. That’s only 5 seconds slower than some of the best racers in the world.

Try not to state things as if they are fact, when they are only your opinion. I’m far from one of the best racers in the world but I’m ahead of Mechberg at present.

What I can be is persistent - I generally don’t give up and I improve over time.

There are hot lap challenges run every week on this forum - you will see the top guys can stick a time in straight off the bat that most of us won’t get close to. Then you will see the other guys who week in, week out set a time and improve and improve until we may not exactly be nipping at the heels of the top guys but certainly not embarrassing ourselves.

I think it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when as soon as someone can’t beat a rivals time, the first thought (& worse posting) is that they must be cheating. Just this one time, maybe it’s not them, it’s you?


That’s generally how I work too - I don’t usually bother too much with Rivals unless it’s a BH, a cool division/track combo, or an easy way to do Forzathon challenges, so I’ll often only end up setting ~15-20% lap times unless it’s a challenge I really click at, or a a bounty, at which point I’ll be dedicating a hell of a lot more time and effort to it. On pretty much any given Rivals I have the ability to get down to a sub-5% lap time, but rarely the motivation to dedicate the time


5 seconds is quite a lot.


Also, when he’s streaming, he’s simultaneously presenting the show. Not exactly concentrating fully!

I just ran 2:07.133. Seven thousandths. I could weep!

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That’s a pretty outrageous claim in my opinion. For a start, presenting a show and driving at the same time is going to slow you down so you can’t compare. If you look at Mechberg’s leaderboard times across the game as a whole, and across the other games too, you can see he is actually pretty fast, and low 2:07s on Sebring are entirely consistent with his other times, so I think your accusation is way off.

I also think posting on the forum what is basically your opinion with no facts or way of backing it up is not sensible.

For what it’s worth I often compare my times to Mechberg’s and we are usually fairly close. I was more or less level with his time on this one as usual and decided to put in some serious laps to see if I could match jonk and triton and I’m now sitting at 2:05.7 - wanna accuse me of cheating too?

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I don´t think the times are fake. That said, it seems Mechberg has gotten significantly faster during the last few months…
From, say, consistently Top 20% to consistently Top 15%-Top 10%?

Just managed to beat his current record, but I won´t be able to surpass the fastest two from the ladder unless I put in some monstrous time.

When watching replays for other Rivals that have TCS enabled, I use game camera | cockpit view. I’ve noticed that the TCS light (little blue light on dash) never turns on in the replays. Is anyone else seeing this?

Also, when I race against anyone in the top 30, I find that I lose the most time between corner 5 and 7 - the other drivers pull away during big bend by half a second or so.

They are getting a better exit out of T5 and carrying that speed advantage all the way down to the next corner. Think about how you are taking T5 compared to the quicker drivers and see what adjustments you can make.

For me it’s Turn 1. I know when I need to brake before turn in, it’s being consistent on how much braking to do and when to turn in. Slowly but surely I’ll eventually figure it out.

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Right on! The top drivers will take advantage of EVERY turn into a stretch…T#5, 7, 10, 13, and 16…then you must keep momentum through the last turn.


You’re absolutely right - quite a bit of time can be lost if not getting a good exit out of T5. I’ve tried a bunch of different lines, and watched replays with telemetry for at least 30 of the top 50. And set them as rivals, etc. I’ve found that the key seems to be getting on the throttle much earlier than feels comfortable. And once on full throttle, there is a very specific line with very little room for error - miss it, and you’ll go off into the grass on the right.

Turn 1 is also tricky. I can’t nail it like the very top guys - but can get very close. I’ve used rewind for that corner many times (total of at least 2 hours) trying to match rival (usually Craviator) exactly. And then doing it over and over and over again to get the muscle memory down. Now I can keep pace (within .100) with top rivals 90% of the time into turn 2, 3, and 4. Then I tend to blow it at T5.