Hot Wheels?

So, does the existence of Hot Wheels: Unleashed mean HW can’t be in Forza, again, expansion-wise? I mean, I know we’re getting HW cars.

Possibly, but it’s honestly really hard to tell at this point. I was the originator of the “Cars That Will Most Likely Not Appear in Horizon 5” post, primarily because a lot of strange licensing deals had occurred between Horizon 4’s release and Horizon 5’s impending release. For instance, I was sure that the Hoonigan Fords and possibly the Hoonigan partnership as a whole was going to absent from Horizon 5 since Ken Block’s partnership with Ford had ended, many of his Fords in real life were sold, and his new Subaru rally car initially had a CSR sticker on it in place of the Forza one. Yet, somehow, all the Hoonigans are slated to appear in Horizon 5 with the exception of the Twerkstallion (and that might even appear after Mazda is officially announced).

In short, licensing is weird. Always has been, and always will be.

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Regarding Ken Block, the Ford contract was with the Hoonigan Racing Division. Ken’s sponsorship deal with Forza is with the Hoonigan Garage. The Hoonigan Racing Division and the Hoonigan Garage are two different entities. That resulted in there being Hoonigan vehicles in the games from makes other than Ford. The Hoonigan Garage’s sponsorship deal with Forza continues and is likely to continue on into the future and is what allows the Hoonigan vehicles from various makes to be present in Horizon 5.