Horizon Tuning Extensive-ish

Looking at the bright side of things, without a tuning setup to adjust, we do have an upgrade menu with enough variation from part to part to still keep me making new versions of cars today. I prefer to be drifting my s14 in real life but the Forza games help me get my fix, I’d like to pass my knowledge and hopefully get some in return. Out of the 467 cars in my garage its safe to say that 95% or more have been “test n tuned”. Sometimes just smallest seeming part has been seen to make big differences. I am confident enough in my constant hours of playing through cars like this (I’m not more skilled than anyone I just play Forza’s too much) that I can at least make a great base tune for many task that the public might enjoy and to tweak to their own style. No matter the task I have maybe (at the most) 1/100 of my cars fully upgraded. I know some tricks that make things easier carried over from forza 4 that can make cars perform like some never see.

keep in mind i have never turned T/c or ABS on, and have always played with manual w/ clutch. 100% on the xbox controller

General Type of builds I can come up with for people. request will also be tested by Forza 4 pro’s I am in constant contact with on Live:

*Setups can double task or naturally be good at multiple of these
*Front engine Rwd mainly- my favorite setups are of S and A Class- Example I have over 25 different Silvia S15 drift cars
-Drift Solo runs - flat ground or mountain- I commonly go for large long drifts with spinning on tap for minimal transitions and less fish tailing
-Drift Tandem- flat or mountain
-Drift w/ no upgrades
-Drift race- over spinning, barely spinning (easy speed) - Flat or Mountain
-Drift Competition- Limits such as S- Class or 650hp
-Low Pi Drifting- Such as D class
-Spontanious or Easy Setups for random Free Roam
-AWD drift setups (tricks most ppl on Horizon would not think of that make things way easier, made for non stop spinning or sliding with a lot more of both)
-Mid engine setups with tips a lot don’t know that make things so much easier as well

wheelie, stoppie, “kickfliping”, jumping type setups

Race Class based
Race with tricks for made easy racing
Bull run racing - easily used universal race capability over surfaces for free roam or random point to point
Top speed Racing
Rally Racing _ from engine rwd’s are fun for the challenge
I hardly drag race so I wouldn’t suggest my knowledge there

I’m sure with feedback I will learn along with others. I have a youtube channel where I upload mainly drifting vids. Nothing crazy Just a hobby - Nate Deezy - YouTube