Tuning Drift Skill Boost Cars

Hi all that might still be active around here. I’ve been generally dissappointed with the current state of Forza Drift Scene being power build based rather than platform tuning skill based. Having said that I notice Horizon Edition Drift Boost cars are generally following that trend. I guess making drift easier attracts bigger player base but since I’ve got my years of pro building experince on previous gen I’ve decided to do my best and properly tune some of the HE cars.

As I’m sure most of you noticed a lot of these cars come with race compound by default which pretty much made every pro tuner step away from them completely. I like a challenging tune so I’m actually having some fun trying to lower the race specs for more competitive spec drifting at slow to medium speeds. The best way to achieve that is using offroad components to base your tuning adjustments on and carefully selecting tyre size according to horsepower & weight statistics. My usual goal is for the build to have as little horsepower as possible with high torque output (generally need a boosted engine, either Turbo or Super charged) and be lightweight to maintain the pro drift spec build recipe. The average drifting speed I’m looking for is around 32-42mph for a nice tandem spec that could adjust to A-B class tandem drifters.

When I get past the upgrade build, it’s generally difficult to work out some specific recipe that would work with every HE boost car, they all tend to have a drift recipe of their own depending on their default weight balance and selection of tyre sizes. One trend that goes for most if not all HE drift cars when tuning is adding high degree negative camber alignments to loose the unnecessary traction causing you to power drift and gainning too much speed. The rest is very trial and error based, some cars I’ve set up in minutes, some in hours of grinding. I found the M3 to be the most fun to play with as it can be set up in few different ways and it’s actually possible to work a D1GP spec drift tune unlike any other HE car I tried so far.

If you’re looking to challenge or just test drive some of my creations, all my finished work is available on my storefront, I’ll make a list below of the cars+specs I’ve got “drift ready” and storefront available so far. If you’re looking to set up your own HE drift boost car I recommend starting tuning on offroad compound + springs as it’s easier to achieve high angle maintainning low to medium speed (Warning - Offroad springs drift builds don’t sell in Auction House, noobs think your stuff still has ride height of a truck thanks to the stupid thumbnails). When you get some comfortable offroad component tunes, you can move on to Race springs, Race compound is still not recommended unless you’re able to select very thin tyre size (no higher than 225 front 245 rear would be my estimate, 245 rear might be too much already and could need HP overkill and we’re trying to avoid that as much as possible). Play around with Aero/widebody kits on/off & rim size/weight to find the ultimate parts for your build.

Here are the Drift builds available on my storefront, I will be editing this list as I complete more tunes:


1997 BMW M3 E36 Horizon Edition:
SF Tune - “BOOSTED DRIFT M3” - Spec - S1:898 - Turbocharged factory I6 (758hp) - offroad springs & compound 235/295 +bodykit & race wing
SF Tune - “RB26 DRIFT TUNE” - Spec D1GP! - S: - Skyline’s I6TT engine swap (555hp) - offroad springs & compound + full RocketBunny kit
SF Tune - “STREET DRIFT V8” - Spec - S1:865 - AMG’s V8 engine swap + Twin Turbo (644hp) - race springs, offroad compound 225/255 + bodykit & stock wing

1998 Toyota Supra RZ Horizon Edition:
SF Tune - “EPIC DRIFT V10TT” - Spec - S1:898 - Viper’s V10 engine swap + Twin Turbo (1024hp) - offroad springs & compound + mixed kit & JUN wing

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Horizon Edition:
SF Tune - “DRIFT FUN & EASY” - Spec - S1:900 - Factory V8 DSC (875hp) - Offroad springs & compound 275/325 + full LB*Works kit

2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R Horizon Edition:
SF Tune - “V8 DRIFT 1.0” - Spec - Chevy V8 engine swap + Twin Turbo (796hp) - Offroad springs & compound 215/255 + RB bodykit & Trial wing


Alright the most important/best tunes are listed for now, I will edit with the rest of Drift Boost cars & more spec info listed next time I’m free.

Should any of you be interested in these tunes or are struggling to build your own, you are welcome to test them & see if they suit you or compare with your own. I also grip tune other HE cars so you might find a useful tune you need for something else. I appreciate any interaction with my storefront tunes so if you tried something and want me to return a favor by checking your content too, let me know in a reply below.

I guess not that many people check here anymore so would be cool to get some interaction on this, maybe even some tuner competition :). Any word of opinion, own tune experience or show of interest is welcome. If you have any questions regarding myself or my Forza work, do not hesitate to ask either.

Thanks in advance for your time to read & any community involvement in the future.

Stay Pro Tuners! Keep it sideways! :slight_smile:

-Doc Benz

So far this is the only advice I can find for drift tuning. So I will thank you for that. I found a quick base race tune guide on YouTube that I’m happy with. It suits my driving style and allows to change settings and learn what it effects, while having fun. But I’m still a novice tuner at best. I am completely lost when it comes to tuning drift cars. Choosing high horsepower, high torque, super charger over turbo. EBrake power slide. I both horizon 3 and 4. I can only achieve 2 stars in drift zones. I have 2 stars in all drift for horizon 3 and 4. I’m not sure what I need to change. Maybe technique. I’ve tried other tunes but that doesn’t seem to help. Anyway I got to go back to work. I will come back latter