Horizon Life Server Issue?


I’ve been playing this game since the VIP release date and I have noticed that whenever I am in a session, people are constantly leaving. For example, today I was in a session with 47 people and within 10 minutes it was down to 9. It never went back up. I am constantly finding a new session and this happens every time. I understand this is a new game but I feel it should be put out there so it can hopefully be fixed in the future, as it is extremely frustrating when people disappear randomly and you end up being alone or close to alone in a session (Also, I have an open NAT type and have never had issues with other Forza games)

Currently, every time you start a solo or multiplayer event, it actually disconnects you from the session. And after you finish the event, the game connects you to a different session rather than the one from before. Thus the dwindling player count.

Which is definitely not the devs’ intention. Last night on the player list, I saw someone actually staying connected while he was in a Horizon Story event, his status said.

So, yeah, it’s definitely a bug. A big one at that.


Thanks for the explanation, I couldn’t figure it out. Hopefully this gets addressed soon.