Horizon and bt fon

Hi all and thanks for any help in advance
I have no broadband at the mo due to an ongoing fault ( 3 weeks now it’s like living in 1990) I have managed to connect my xboxone to BT fon easyier than I thought
All apps work fine the only issue I have is horizon servers are not available
My question is and yes the post could have been much shorter " are the horizon servers up at the moment in the uk"
Thanks all

BT fon is not good at all. Really it’s not. You should try and get a openreach engineer out to your house to sort your issue.

I’m on BT Infinity myself and the servers are working just fine.

Hi and thanks for the reply bt have said they have to re-cable 3 kilometres and can’t give me a time scale
BT fon is an insecure network but where I live I’m pretty sure I am safe from attacks due to all my in range wifi users are very old and I tend to look after there it issues so have them all protected to the point of they cant mess up even if they try too
The horizon issue is am “mtu” one so its back to using my 3G and paying vast sums of money to do so (£15 go 5 gig so it’s not that bad but I’m a very heavy user so it’s like having the brakes put on)