Need a hand

i am having this message appear on my screen quite a lot

We could not sync your data with the cloud right now

Try syncing again or use this game or app offline

is there any way of getting around this message as it’s been saying this for quite awhile now?

i tired doing a hard reset which worked until it just told me that the Forza motorsport server is not available at this time when they are working fine for me in Horizon and Forza 4

are they using a different server for F5 then what they use for F4 and Horizon?

sorry if this has been answered on here…would just like to know that’s all

thank you

“a lot” and “quite awhile” means hours? or months?

Forza servers may be touchy today based on some comments by other users. Be patient and give it a day to sort out.

ok thx for your help buddy

l’ll try again tomorrow :slight_smile:

i had this problem a couple of days ago,i ended up resetting my router which seemed to sort the problem out.

thx for your help…everything is fixed now :slight_smile: