Horizon 2

is it true that there will be a horizon 2 ?
has anyone heard anything about it ?

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There have been rumours already. But they are just that until T10 makes an announcement. And when that happens you’ll know

yeah I read something about it a few months ago and for the life of me can’t remember where and me and a few guy’s are just talking about it on fb, I think it would be a good idea if they did as it was a good game but just needed improving a bit and they could make it bigger with the new console.

The rumour has come from Ultima’s facebook page…there was a post relating to their car being in a microsoft game later this year that lasted about 15 mins before it was deleted


thanks seps :slight_smile:

nah lol I tend not to believe anything said on fb it will have been on a game website I read a lot on them but I just can’t remember what one it was

Me either
but would a manufacturer lie about their vehicle being in a game thats already out and another to come later in the year…theyd make themselves look a little silly if it didnt happen

Like I said ill believe it when I see it on forza news page

yeah I am with you on that when they say it then we can believe it, but let’s hope they do hey :wink:

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Regardless of whether there have been rumors or not, I can’t see why T10 wouldn’t do a next gen Horizon seeing as how well the first one was received. I had a lot of enjoyment from that game and would love to see what they could do with the new system in an open world Forza.

As much as I liked the game I thought it had not been well received. But then if you look at the sites publishing the latest rumour there do seem to be plenty of people who would love Horizon 2.

So would I like to get Horizon 2? I know due to the developers involved it is not a mutually exclusive thing but I would prefer Forza 5 to be expanded and patched than get a Horizon 2.

If Horizon 2 happens will I get it? Yep. Gone off NFS and steering clear of their latest offering but I do enjoy racing games. I just hope time is spent limiting the bugs and glitches and creative methods people can use to win online and in rivals events.

I agree, I enjoyed it and every once in awhile I go back at try to add to my 1000 club numbers.

Playground Games, not Turn 10, is the studio which created Forza Horizon.

My mistake. PG made an awesome game the first time around and I can’t see why they’d scratch Horizon.

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The link posted here about Microsoft renewing the “trademark” of Project Gotham Racing in 2013 is simply normal functions of the legal staff at Microsoft, which has hundreds (if not thousands) of Trademark registrations for titles, words (such as “Excel” for the spreadsheet program) and even Xbox and Xbox LIVE. See: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/intellectualproperty/Trademarks/EN-US.aspx

Trademarks must be renewed every 10 years, so pulling in PGR again is only a legal exercise to protect the name, not the sign of anything spectacular on the, pardon the expression, horizon. Prior to November, 1989, such actions on trademarks only had to be done every 20 years. Now, as is the case with Project Gotham Racing and its associated intellectual properties, the renewals are every 10 years.

You know there is DLC for FM5 right?


Of course Worm. But yoi cant tell me you didnt enjoy putting your favourite cars sideways at 100mph on a canyon road through a speed camera lol


I had a green disc and played Horizon for the week and a half prior and played it the second day it was out to show friends around. It never got played again, once single player was over I couldn’t play it anymore. Not my cup of tea.

Fair enough. Guess we all gotta have our own preferences. I agree though the replay value wasnt good enough I have never before thoughts it was possible to 100%a game inc achievements in a week which I did. So I see where your coming from. But if the map was 10/20times larger or more with a more in depth career I think I may of still been playing it today