HLR HLCs Season 4 - That's All Folks, Hope to See You in Season 5

Until we hear more about Forza Motorsport, and following a few requests for us to restart our HLCs, we’ve decided to kick things off again using FM7.

We’ve decided to keep it very casual this time, but give people a focus for some friendly competition and banter on this thread.

Each week we’ll post a new challenge, and keep track of everyone’s efforts on a local leaderboard here - HLC Leaderboard .

If anyone has a suggestion for a favourite track/car combo, just add it and we’ll include it in future weeks.

The Rules (There are very few!)

Everyone welcome to join in.
Run your laps in Rivals mode.
Post your best times in this thread: Lap time, and car used. If your time is not a PB we are happy to use the honour system, but if you are threatening the lead, a screenshot would be useful.
Only prizes are bragging rights.

Feel free to share your setups, liveries and photographs in the thread, but most importantly have some fun.

If you are interested, the first event will be posted on Wednesday, 9th September at 9pm UK time.


Link to Season 1
Link to Season 2
Link to Season 3

Season 4

Event 1 - Nurburgring GP - Hot Hatch Icons B600

Event 2 - Rio Coast - Sport Compact Icons, C500

Event 3 - Catalunya School - Vintage Sport Compact, D400

Event 4 - Prague Short Reverse - Sport GT Icons, A700

Event 5 - Long Beach East - The Birth of Grand Prix, A700

Event 6 - VIR Patriot Alt - Major Micros, D400

Event 7 - Road Atlanta Club - Early Prototype Racers v Forza P1, P998

Event 8 - Brands Hatch GP Rain - Formula E v Ford v Mazda, S800

Event 9 - Sonoma GP Day - Hot Rod Revival, B600

Event 10 - COTA West Night - Vintage Sport Coupes, A700

Event 11 - Road America Full Alt - Vintage GT Racers, A700

Event 12 - Daytona Infield Short Night - Forza P2, P998

Event 13 - Indianapolis GP Classic - Sport Compact, A700

Event 14 - Maple Valley Reverse - Elite Factory Racers, R900

Event 15 - Watkins Glen Short - Rebirth of Muscle, B600

Event 16 - Lime Rock West - Hot Hatch Genesis, C500

Event 17 - Hockenheim National - Rise of the Supercar, S800

Event 18 - Sebring Short Day - Historic Road Racing, B600

Event 19 - Yas Marina South Day - Sport Touring, S800

Event 20 - Homestead Road Alt Day - Modern Hot Hatch, C500

Event 21 - Le Mans Bugatti Day - Sport GT, S800

Event 22 - Top Gear Full Day - Sport Coupe, A700

Event 23 - VIR North Day - Classic Street Muscle, A700

Event 24 - Road Atlanta Full - Hypercars, R900

Event 25 - Mugello Club - Nostalgic Drag Racers, A700

Event 26 - Prague Full - Vintage Sport GT, B600

Event 27 - Hockenheim Short Day - Showroom Rally, A700

Event 28 - Alps Stadtplatz - Early Sport Touring, B600

Event 29 - Brands Hatch GP Wet - Sport Touring Icons, A700

Event 30 - Indianapolis Brickyard Oval - NASCAR, R900


Let’s get this show started folks!

Please feel free to invite other Friends. Thanks!



Thanks for starting these up again, of course I’m in


Excellent news! Looking forward to some friendly competition!


Didn’t mean to pressure you guys…

I’ll go through the game and see if I can come up with any suggestions. Off the top of my head, I don’t think we’ve run Major Micros at all. Forza Specials, either. Some previously-run Divisions at lower-than-homologation requirements might work well, too; Vintage GT Racing at C500 (bust out those D-types and DBR-1s), Nostalgic Drag Racers at D400, etc. Probably a ton of those we could run that’d be “new” for most of us.

Track-wise, Rio Coast is a great track for lower PI cars that I don’t think anyone but me ever drives on (it’s one of my two damper tuning tracks). The other super-duper short Rio one (that isn’t Mountain), too. We’ve barely touched VIR; metric ton of options there. Wish we had more Nurburgring variants; some of the shorter configurations of the GP circuit are pretty awesome for slower cars.

Just no Dubai. I Kefka-hate Dubai. Worst track in any Forza ever, and that includes the original New York.

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Haven’t played Forza since the end of Season 3 so guess this gives me a good reason to play it again :slight_smile:

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Some decent suggestions from Mr Pinstripes, think we did run Major Micros in Season 1.

Had a couple hours to put some ideas into the electronic hat:
How about running a spec car with 1 persons build (or tune) - some weeks we end up with something similar by chance
Forza P2 hasn’t been used, but might be fun on somewhere like Sebrings short track


I’m looking forward to getting some laps in, thanks chaps.


Nice one…I prefer circuits around/under 1m.30s as it’s tends to be closer and you can run more laps.

Whatever you decide, happy its back. :slight_smile:


As for me (my 2 cents)… I think perhaps a little variation with the weather can really change things up… rain or nite can affect things … really like some of the longer tracks esp. Spa and Mugello.

But just glad to be back on the track with friends so START YOUR ENGINES!! :sunglasses:


4 Hours to go, not quite start your engines but a little bump for track time later this evening.

Week 1

Nurburgring GP, B600, Cars restricted to Hot Hatch Icons Division

Event will close on Wednesday, 16th September at 9pm UK time.

We will track your times here - HLC Leaderboard

The Hot Hatch Icons

2009 Ford Focus RS
2009 Vauxhall Corsa VXR
2009 MINI John Cooper Works
2007 Honda Civic Type-R
2006 Vauxhall Astra VXR
2004 Honda Civic Type-R
2003 Volkswagen Golf R32
2003 Ford Focus RS
2003 Renault Clio 16
2000 BMW 323ti Sport
1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6 Mk3
1997 Honda Civic Type R
1997 Honda Civic Type R FE
1995 Volkswagen Corrado

The '97 Civic will no doubt be the car to beat.


Set down my initial time in a handling build for the renault clio 03 - 2:18.706 - I’m thinking that won’t be good enough lol but it’s a start!

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O.k. so second run, getting a bit closer 2:17.157 Honda Civic '07 - another ‘handling’ build - i.e. full weight reduction, race tyres/ width etc.

Probably a good bit more in either car, given a few more laps, we shall see as the week goes on. Good luck everyone.

Would love to start running laps again. Dont think i’ve been around since season 2. Sometimes just racing leagues and multiplayer gets stale.

Think i am in the minority here when i say that i actually like the whole homologation thing, definately needs work but a decent step. Love the fact that the PI has changed in the HLC, frees up plenty of ideas for tuning.

First attempt. 2:15.263 BMW 323ti Sport.

Modification of a C450 tune with race tyres and weight reduction. Probably need to play with the build and tune. Fun car.

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Nice time Indy, I’m just about to turn in but will be in the hunt tomorrow after work.

Initial takeaways/observations… I AM REALLY RUSTY! Haven’t raced since season 3 wrapped… no cleans… spent time chewing gravel, etc. :pleading_face: Time needed…

It’s really good to see all you’re names on here again! It’s been a while since I’ve really played this game, been cruising around England, building and painting, running from forzathon to forzathon. Good times but its good to get back on here with you fine folks!!

My first runs were in the BMW, running mid 1:19’s. I need ro get a little more grip, less HP lol. Usually how it goes for me.

Good to be back at it with these!

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Welcome back Zepp! Great to see you back on the track. Best of Luck!


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