Help with list of skills and combos

would anyone be willing to help me write a full list of skills in the game?

I just posted in a suggestions thread to get an in-game list (clearly never going to happen as this issue has been around for over ten years) and am trying to put together the skills that are there in a sort-of once-and-for-all way

it’s a bit of a job but I think the best way to do it is do a table and maybe share on google docs or something

or write a list here that gets updates with whether it’s clear what it means


it really would be useful to have a definitive list in the game, PG-T10 presumably do in fact have a list that could be put there very easily but as noted I’ll eat my hat if it ever does happen

Doesn’t cover everything, but most of it.

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yes, that was one of the two I have found - @EamonEejit put the thing in the suggestions thread

it’s still unsatisfactory, though, so I thought compiling a comprehensive list based on what actually occurs in the game might be a useful project

I think my favourite is “Fruit Salad” when you knock dowm a yellow post at a speed zone.

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My list:

List of skills and the actions required to obtain them
Air Perform a jump
Airborne Pass Perform an Air and Pass skill at the same time
Auto-Immune Near Miss an infected player
Banked Section Pass through a Banked Section track piece
Barrel Roll Perform a complete sideways airborne flip and land without crashing
Burnout Spin a car’s wheels whilst being stationary
Clean Racing Complete a race section without a heavy collision
Clean Start! Start a race without colliding with any opponents or scenery
Corkscrew Pass through a Corkscrew track piece
Crash Landing Perform an Air and Wreckage skill in quick succession
Crown Lover Hold onto the crown in King for an entire minute
Daredevil Perform multiple Near Miss skills in quick succession
Drafting Follow the slipstream of an opponent
Drift Perform a drift
Drift Tap Tap a wall whilst performing a Drift skill
Ebisu Style Great Drift followed by Great Air followed by Great Drift
E-Drift Initiate a drift by using the e-brake
Fruit Salad Wreck the banana sign
Give It Charge Crash into Solar Panels
Hard Charger Perform a Burnout and Speed skill in succession without braking
Horseshoe See Lucky Escape skill
Hot Wheels Air Perform an Air Skill greater than Ultimate Air on any Hot Wheels road
Hot Wheels Drift Perform a Drift Skill greater than Ultimate Drift on any Hot Wheels road
Hot Wheels Speed Perform a Speed Skill greater than Ultimate Speed on any Hot Wheels road
Hot Wheels Stunt Pass through a stunt track piece
J Turn Drive in reverse then perform a quick 180° direction change
Kangaroo Perform three Air skills in quick succession
Landscaping Perform multiple Wreckage skills with fences in quick succession
Loop-the-Loop Pass through a Loop-the-Loop track piece successfully
Lucky Escape Perform a Drift and Near Miss skill at the same time
Lumberjack Smash through a tree stump or dead branch (near Drift Club)
Near Miss Pass a non-racing vehicle closely at high speed
One Eighty Perform a quick 180° direction change
Pass Overtake a racing opponent closely at high speed
Royal Pardon Near Miss another player as the King
Showoff Perform a Pass and Drift skill at the same time
Sideswipe Tap an object from the side
Skill Chain Perform multiple skills in succession
Slingshot Perform a Drafting and Pass skill in quick succession
Snowman Smash through a snowman
Speed Drive at high speed (at least 100 mph (161 km/h)) for a period of time
Speed Boost Activate any Speed Boost platform
Stuntman Perform an Air and Near Miss skill at the same time
Threading the Needle Miss two non-racing vehicles from both sides at high speed
Trading Paint Tap another vehicle
Trashman Knock over a garbage bin
Triple Pass Overtake three opponents in quick succession
Two Wheels Drive on two wheels
Upside Down Pass through an Upside Down track piece
Wreckage Smash through a breakable item
Wrecking Ball Perform multiple Wreckage skills in quick succession
For some of the skills there are 4 levels : basic - great - awesome - ultimate

is that definitely in horizon 5?

not sure that I’d seen it but I haven’t been looking

there was one in horizon 3 and there were fruit stands everywhere in horizon 4

Yes definitely a speed zone yellow post hit.

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weird - but not a speed trap post, it seems!

something else gives a Fruit Salad, up near the telescope there are some cones in place of a missing fence panel, just to the east of the telescope and a digger, there are cones, a light, a wheelbarrow and a couple of other things I haven’t quite identified - drive through that lot and a Fruit Salad pops up


just worked it out - there are blue objects a bit like half a bonus barrel, they are bags/containers with handles containing . . . rope I think - they also give Fruit Salad


Next visit I’m there. :joy: