Help With a '90 Camaro

Ok, guys, I have hit a wall. I just can’t seem to get any better than this…however I build and however I tune. I know you guys can’t really help with my driving, but maybe you can set me straight in my build/tune.

I am trying to build a 1990 Camaro for Road America for class B rivals. Right now it seems to be just ok. I running around 2:30 and some change. I was shooting for a speed build, but with what I have so far I think I am losing way too much speed in the corners. Overall it’s a fast car, just really heavy through the corners.

Here is my build.

Engine - 7.0l V8 H
Aspiration - Positive Displacement Supercharger
Aero - Forza front and back

Wheels/tires - Stock compound, front is 265/45R17, rear 345/35R17

Drivetrain - Sport Transmission, Race Differential

Platform and Handling - Race breaks, springs, and roll bars, race roll cage, and sport weight reduction

Engine - Race intake, Race exhaust, Race valves, Race engine block, Race pistons, Sport displacement supercharger, Race intercooler.

This is how i have it tuned.

Tires - front and back 28.5
Gearing - Final Drive 4.47
Alignment - Camber
Front -3.5
Rear - -2.6
Front - +.3
Rear - -.2
Caster - 6.0
Anti Roll Bars - Front 26.64, Rear 16.86
Springs - Front 1000, Rear 847
Ride Height - front and back 5.6
Damping - Rebound 9.5, 7.5
Bump 5.4,
Aero - 67, 128
Break - 50%, 130%
Diff - Accel 5%, decel 3%

Well that’s it. I’m sure i am off in a lot of places, I just don’t know where or how. Please help me get set straight

I’ll take a look at it later today, and take a look what those rivals look like.

But from right now it looks like you have gone for wrong engine, and wrong supercharger
5.7, and centrifugal are what you want. And I’m pretty sure that you want race weight reduction to go with those, unless rivals restrictions limit those out.

Give this one a try. Tuned for the 'Ring, but should work well at Road America.

If you don’t like FOOT’s tune (which I’d say is pretty good) Here is my approach to Road Ameica
It has slightly less grip and more power but with 3 laps of hotlapping I put it in top 500.


5.7l V8
Centrifugal S/C

Race Air filter
Race Exhaust
Race Valves
Race Pistons
Race S/C

Platform & Handling
Race Everything

Race Differential

Tires & Rims
Stock Compound
275/345 F/R
Asanti AF 118 (Sport style) or any same weight
18/18 F/R

Aero & Appearance
Forza Aero F/R
Forza Hood


PSI 28.5/28.5 F/R


-3.2/-2.8 F/R
0.0/0.0 F/R

11.30/11.30 F/R

605.0 / 560.0 F/R
Ride height
5.3/5.3 F/R

11.0/10.5 F/R
2.6/1.7 F/R

75/75 F/R

100% (Drivers Preference)

33/10 Acc/Dec

If it is too loose on the 1st turn, speedville loop, or the kink after that, Add more aero, and on the uphill part after the 2nd straight, the gearing doesn’t quite match up, so it might revbang a bit there.

Guys, thank you. With your help I have managed to shave off about 6 seconds. Lol, now I just need to fix my driving. I feel like while my tune wasn’t perfect it was at least headed in the right direction for the most part. My build, however, is where I tend to fall apart. This has been very helpful.