PLZ need help in car setup

Guys i need help with a tune on a car.

1970 Camaro
E & P:
[RACE] filter,intake,ignition,exhaust,valves,displacement,piston
[SPORT] carburetor
[STOCK] cam,oil,flywheel

P & H:
[SPORT] weight
[RACE] everything else

[RACE] everything

T & R:
[RACE] compound
[FRONT] 255/18
[BACK] 305/18

A & A:
[FRONT] remove front bumper
[WING] stock
[HOOD] stock


This car will only see the ROAD ATLANTA: CLUB CIRCUIT

its my favorite track and the one i practice on, i was hoping i can get advice on how to set the car up better. Theres a long sweeping right hand turn that im having problems with, about half way through the turn,the back end kicks out a bit and causes my time to suck. i keep hearing the suggestion that tire temp should be about 180-200…my fronts are 205 and my backs are 211 after about 6 laps. Im just looking for advice that maybe someone can give me tips about the car and its setup. thanks guys

I’ll try out the build later but regarding the tyre temps, it’s normal for your tyres to warm up on a track like that as you’re constantly working them and using them to corner, especially with that long right. 205 and 211 respectively is fine to be honest. When it goes over 220 is normally when I start having problems.

sounds good to me,thanks for the help

yours appears to be part way in-between an A class and a B class - any particular reason? …for a race series, making a replica, just for fun, or are you asking for a bit of advice on what to change with the build as well as settings?

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it was a just for fun thing and wanted to better my lap times with what was equipped,it wont be raced online or against anyone,its a personal favorite and i run that car on one track.

what i was asking if someone had advice on what i should change on the car(not parts) but to the tune itself…if it makes it easier i can post what i currently have it tuned on and show you all and maybe get advice off of that.

got ya. just had to ask if build or tune or both was the question. tune it is.

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yes sir,just the tune…just wanting it to be faster for what it is,theres alot about the suspension i left untouched because i dont know what to do with it

so you want to be a little bit different, eh?

  • try this (and report back ;^)

Tires: 35.0 F / 35.0 R

Final Drive: 3.73
1st: 2.62
2nd: 1.73
3rd: 1.35
4th: 1.00
5th: 0.86
6th: 0.73

Camber: -0.8 F / -0.5 R
Toe: 0.0 F / 0.0 R
Caster: 2.2

ARB: 35.40 F / 28.10 R

Springs: 531.00 F / 513.00 R
Ride Height: 8+ F / 8+ R (Maxim)

Rebound: 5.5 F / 5.2 R
Bump: 7.6 F / 7.2 R

Differential: 31% Accel / 21% Decel

pretty unorthodox, but …good for 1:04’s on Road Atlanta Club in my (not so great) hands.

honestly, was a fun and interesting build (A 562) to drive around.

  • enjoy!

omg that worked! im able to take that long turn now and not kick out like i used to do… it feels so controllable now…what pressure did you set the brake to? i run it at 58% pressure and 52% to the front…regardless,thanks for the help,it really does feel like a car that belongs on the track


did I say watch the curbs! extreme bump settings, but I kind-of liked how it was working with the build.

I haven’t tried it, but I bet this thing would do pretty Ok on the drag strip. meaty, it is.

oh - I left my brakes as they were 50% bias 100% power. (I was not running any assists, ABS…)

put 'm however you like 'm - nice thing about an open tune ;^)