Help! Struggling to win!

I’ve been playing Forza since Forza 1, and never had this much problem before. I’ve even turned the drivatars down to the lowest setting to stand a chance. Not sure where i am going wrong.

When selecting a car, i choose to arrange the cars by class. The one at the top of the list, may have the highest rating, but it’s not always the fastest, or has the best stats. So, i either buy it anyway, or go for the car that is the fastest/best stats.

Yet i’m still struggling to win races, either i’m trying to catch that one car that’s miles ahead of everyone else, or i’m in the lead and they are right behind me every step, even hitting into me on corners. I like a challenge, but i put it on easy for a reason! :slight_smile: I just enjoy simple easy races.

Can someone give me some tips on where i’m going wrong? I’m driving fine, i think it’s just down to car choices?

I’m finding i have to reset the championship and choose a new car or new car category.

The cars aren’t created equal. Having matching or roughly matching PI means that, as a generalization, they should come out equal, but not on a specific track-by-track basis. On the Daytona oval, it’s worthless having a car with lots of grip and good braking because you’re doing the most minimal turning and no braking, so what you’d really want is top speed. If you’re not running all top speed on the Daytona oval, you have the wrong car/setup. Conversely, on Lime Rock Park it’s worthless having a car that’s all about top speed with poor handling and acceleration. Simply looking at the PI rating is worthless, and simply looking at just a speed figure is usually worthless. You need to pick the right tool for the job.

Thanks for the reply, and that makes perfect sense.

But when choosing the car, i have no idea what the 4 tracks ahead are going to be. So i choose the car that seems the fastest, and best acceleration. So, are you suggesting i have to back out to the main menu, and buy a new car for each track if i struggle? It kind of gives the impression it wants you to pick one car and use it for all the races in that set.

I’m just used to choosing a car, doing the 4 or so races, and wining because i’ve dumbed down the AI (By my own choice), but can’t seem to do that anymore

One thing for sure is that you need to get off to a good start. It makes all the difference between getting stuck too far behind to catch up where you can’t afford mistakes, or getting upfront with a lot of clean room to move. Its night and day.

Bump up the accel if you are having a hard time in some cars with getting off the line clean. A mistake here can lose races.

A little light tuning can help if you feel slippery or stiff, a little toe out helps turn in with some cars, even lowering tire pressure one tick might provide some extra grip. Little by little.

Also try getting a mid range car, something in between grippy and fast so you have a good denominator for the variety of tracks. Either that or you can save a few tune tweaks to optimize for each type of track.

I think the game was designed to make you work for a win in any class, it keeps the pressure up no matter what class your in.

i am driver level 125 on forza 6 plain and simple the cars for example section one campaign sport compact the 3rd track long beach i have drivetar at new racer i have bought every single car for that section tried auto tune and then manual tune auto tune the bmw 2002 is one of the best next to the mazda and toyota 2000 cars with far less grip bracking acceleration are putting 2k feet on me by lap 3 of 4 i do not know if it has to do with driver level these campaign sections i do not want to call them easy but they were beatable with AI at average turn10 please respond with a fix its sad just because i leveled up playing a lot of setup races, mind you with the bmw still using grip engineer +12 grip and 5% power then the other 2 mods setup using the 3% power weight -1 for both slots the 2002 having the fastest speed and acceleration pull so hard in a straightway uncatchable in 4 laps as well as this mod setup everycar in the class you are allowed to use? thisnt the right profile btw its a secondary accoount for my brother my gamertag is SLASH3R82XS2