help! says I've been flagged....

I have been playing forza 4 since the December after its release with no issues. I have had 3 xbox 360 consoles over that time frame. I have never been banned nor have i broken the code of conduct. I was out of town for work for nearly 5 months and returned home the beginning of july 2014. Since I returned I have been getting a message when I try to use the auction house or purchase from the storefront. It says my gamer profile has been flagged by anti cheat mechanisms and that i will no longer be able to use the auction house or other turn 10 server features. I do not understand why. My gamer tag is Mr Viper 75. Can you please help me understand what i did wrong to be flagged…or possibly even restore my ability to use these features? Thank you in advance for your help.

I sent an email to the address I…and received a canned reply with links to faqs and this forum.

And that is the only response you will get until such time as Turn 10 can prioritize and investigate the situation. Normally, they’ll need to check the game servers to see what is going on, and that takes someone “inside” with server permissions to do so.

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If it specifically mentions the anit cheat/tampering in the message it means your save is corrupt and the only option is to delete it and start the game again - you will keep your tunes and paints as they are saved separately and all online history will remain (leaderboard times etc) but you will lose your cars, credits and all other data stored in the game save. Unfortunately that is the only option with a corrupt save.

If it says that those features are currently unavailable it is more likely to be either internet issues or a ban - which cannot be discussed here and by emailing T10 you have taken the only steps available to you.

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