Heavy Metal Affliction--The Vorsche

Back in November I met a father and son team that have created some incredible rides. The Vorsche is one of the most unassuming hot-rods you will see, and is definitely guilty of having more going on than meets the eye.

It is my pleasure to bring you The Vorsche.

I shot the pictures and video of the Vorsche at Evergreen Speedway. I look to your comments about how you like the car, my photos and my video.

Happy HMA Thursday!



Man that thing is so cool! A slick but subtle VW with the heart of a beast! And listen to her scream! A conversion like that must be really difficult- hats off to those two for pulling it off so stylishly. Thanks for sharing John, that thing is wicked!

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Nice HMA article this week, John. Even though I don’t share the same love for VWs as you and others on the forum, it’s always cool to see others work and creativity. It’s amazing what people can do and come up with. Again, great article! Can’t wait to read about the van when they finish with it. That thing will be a beast with the LS-2 engine in it.

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Wow, that’s downright incredible. Its not often you see or even hear about full engine and drive train swaps in real life. Its kind of bitter sweet though, I think 944’s are sooo cool, its a shame to tear one apart, but when the end result is this cool its worth it.

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Wow i have never seen a Porsche conversion in any car and to see a vw doing donuts lol looks very nice love the way the tires and the rim stick out that looks cool thanks for the great article
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it is just something else, i love a good mk2 and this one just looking is great, nice stance good deep wheels then with a 944 lump in it and RWD SPLOOSH!!!

your pics do it justice and its just so good dam cool, i like the square head light mk2s don’t see many of them these days, people just use mk2 jetta front ends

i have been to lots of VW shows and the creativity of VW owners never seem to let me down, some of the things you see you like…err…GENIUS!!



Crazy sweet! I have never even contemplated something like that. An unassuming beast. Love it! Though honestly, I think what I like most is the Skeletor T-shirt. Have to get one right now.

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This car is the coolest hot hatch, I’ve ever seen - period. After reading the HMA, I’ve fallen in love with this car. What they’ve done is amazing. I also love the to-be LS swapped Van/Bus that they’re gonna do. The Beetle with the 914 swap is also crazy cool. These guys are awesome. The Vorsche would be my choice though. I love the MK2 GTI, and I love the 944’s engine. I’ve driven a few 944s, and the engine is defiantly the highlight of that car (for me), so a hatchback mixed with that fabulous engine, is a match made in heaven.

I love this car. I love it!

Thanks for sharing,John,thats one VW that i could drive! Nice pics also.

Thanks for these HMA, and congratulations on their excellent work.

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Awesome! I really want to get a Fiero Formula as a track car / goof around car. It’s nice to have a car to love.

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That is a very wicked car and since I live in Washington state, I might have to drive by to see it this summer.

Great photos, and awesome video.

They definitely deserve an A+ for ingenuity. It’s not every day that you see an MkII Golf with the engine, drivetrain and suspension of a Porsche. The build quality looks absolutely phenomenal as well. I can’t even begin to imagine how much work/fabrication must have gone into its creation. It’s also nice to see a father-son team stepping outside the box, and working together to create something unique and different. The car truly is a piece of art. Much respect.

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Love the idea of this, an idea that needs to be in the forza world

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Quality car, quality beards, quality read. Considering painting that engine bay now.

I have a special admiration for this kind of cars. Outstanding reading with as the car details!
I just remembered the MK5 Ford fiesta from a car member here in Brazil, build with a 2.0 16v Duratec engine (not so special like a Porsche engine and drivetrain) but left behind many cars more powerful and expensive than it. This fiesta was build with a FuelTech injection system, sport exhaust and air filter, and had 198hp drinking alcohol.
It was amazing seen it pass a BMW with a V6 engine in a track day ahahahah

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I love this way this car looks. High five for being extremely creative.

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Beautiful photos and video.
This car is incredible, a dream …Congratulations!

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That Vorsche is crazy! Love it. Really interesting project and it seams it worked out well. These guys did awesome job building this unique car. Well done! Keep up the good work on the forums, love your articles!

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another nice write up, good photos john…love the donut…thats a great sleeper :smiley:

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