Heavy Metal Affliction--The Vorsche

HMA great read.Love the Vorsche a 944 engine is a nice idea.Cant get reply for some resone.The pics are great the rims are nice love that little hatchback. unicorn 430 scuderia sleepyp1980

Thanks for the kind words everyone. A big thank you to John for this opportunity. The whole feature exceeded our expectations.

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Well, this car kinda remember me the engine swaps on Forza 4 eh. I’m used to see another VWs like Bus and Beetle with Porsche engines, but this is the first Golf that I’ve ever seen and it’s awesome!

Great photos John, I just think that the owner should had take the car to a car-wash before the photoshoot lol. In particular, I liked the pics 2, 6 and 8 after the car specs (lovely color though)

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Ooh, a VW chassis with a Porsche engine. Sounds very interesting. Well, my favorite is Ferrari, but I like all brands of automobiles. It’s very like some of the interesting engine swaps you can do in FM5, like an Enzo engine on a Ford GT, which is American, but I think it does have a lot of European flair.
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Happy Friday everyone. Gifts sent out to all.

See you in next week’s HMA thread.