Heavy Metal Affliction - Ryan Tuerck

Check out Ryan Tuerck’s new street FRS build. Find out how Tuerck and T10 are connected by a moment of awesome and read the interview with Tuerck himself.

Tell us your favorite Tuerck’D episode, talk about the new street FRS or what makes drifting so cool to you.



What about adding Rocket bunny kit for the gt86/brz? Or maybe the tuerck’d street car as DLC? That would be awesome and the community would’ve liked!

This FRS is just too cool :smiley: It looks sharp and agressive even when it is just parked. I think that this model family (GT86/BRZ/FRS) will have the same level of legendary recognition in the years to come as AE86. To be honest when I first saw this model (talking about normal street version) I was not really impressed and even not much liked it. But I think that I’ve grown to apreciate these lines :slight_smile: Looking at Ryan’s car I’ve thought that it will be really cool if Toyota would like to return to WRC with the GT86 model - it will be a legend just as Celica GT4…

I live in Oregon and have seen a white FR-S around town with a similar looking front end. Hmm…

this guy is really crazy but it’s insanely good !!
video is great, it seems to be there
and roads of Oregon looks perfect
for a bit of madness !!
thank you Ryan and John for this very good read !!
go hop in the direction Forza5 drift !!

Tuerck driving his new street FRS at Camp Woodward is probably my favourite episode, Oregon Trail is second.