Heavy Metal Affliction - 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evolution 1

“The WRC cars were always sort of the forbidden fruit for us Americans,” but now so many of them can be imported, and this one recently was.

One of the greatest rally cars in history is featured in this edition of Heavy Metal Affliction.

And I’ll be reading it live tonight on my facebook page in case you are more of a listener than a reader :slight_smile:



As a Supra guy, I have to take issue with this one…

“and the Supra is that bit of import “unobtainium” that delivers turbo lag like only a car from its age can.”

It was the 80s that were known for super laggy super cars. That 94 Supra came from the factory with a sequential twin turbo system specifically designed to cure the notorious 80s turbo lag. It featured 2 turbos, one big one small, with a complex system of waste gates and valves to turn the individual turbos on and off through out the rev range. It was very successful at minimizing lag and making the motor feel like a big naturally aspirated motor (till the big turbo kicked in at least). That said, most people have switched out the stock twins for a big aftermarket single by now. If you choose carefully, you can get a modern ball bearing turbo that can match the stock twins for lag, but most go too big for that.