Headlights on night and rain tracks

As pretty much most people have experienced this and it happens regularly enough… Why 6 months after release is there still a bug where your headlights are off on night tracks?

Furthermore why are they never on for wet tracks (which often get very dark), do turn10 not want to promote safe driving ettique? Do they think it’s better they be off when it’s pouring down and you can hardly see?

It really shouldn’t be that hard to fix surely… here i suggest this pseudo code:

set headlights = on;
if (environment == day) {
set headlights = off;

Simple! At least this way the bug which might still exist will prolly just accidentally leave them on in the day rather than off at night.


I watched a YouTube video last night by Super GT who had this issue in Forza 6, I think he uses a PC to play the game. I’m lucky enough to play on Xbox and have never had the problem, must be frustrating. I’m sure he was driving a DLC race car that didn’t actually have headlights but can’t be 100% sure on that. I’m wondering if this happens with normal cars that do actually have headlights in the first place?

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I’ve never run into the headlights-off-at-night bug, and I’ve been given some indication that it chiefly - perhaps exclusively? - occurs in multiplayer.

Can’t say for certain whether they’re on in the rain, but if they are unlike nighttime headlights I suspect they don’t actually have the effect of casting light, much like the various rally part lights. In any case, even the heaviest thunderstorm in-game is easy enough to see in without them. But, then, my daytime races also have sunlight that makes me raise a dubious Spock-brow at people talking about it being so dark and gray.

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I have same problem although back in forza 6 you loose your headlights with a little bump so maybe in forza 7 there off because your going to loose them anyway so saves on light bulbs lol

It is weird. On the PC settings, there is actually an option for headlights to be on during the rain.

Why isn’t this an option for the console version or set to “ON” by default?

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