[HCR] P|998 Porsche 919 Hybrid || #1

Greetings all,

It’s been a while since I’ve released a car.

The tune is on my SF, should be easily found but if for some reason it’s not there, use “HCR” as a keyword. The car is an acceleration monster, however it runs out of puff vs the Mazda at 150 or so (or 240 in euros) and with full wing has a vmax of ~190-195 but if you’re hitting more than 170 on a track it’s likely that you’re losing out in straight line speed to the Mazda which has such a low drag coefficient as well as hyper grip anyway.

For some reason, it looks like the hybrid system is accounted for in the power band so short shift, it hits peak power at 5000-6000 rpm and you don’t want to rev past 6500. Tune is good with TCS off and manual sequential is recommended. With that all in place, it will be good in lobbies for the shorter tracks and the launch is an added bonus. It will also be decent enough on wet tracks.

Here’s a couple of snaps I did last night. More to come when I get home later!

If you download it and run it then please do say how you get on in it! :slight_smile:

I gave it a go when you uploaded it and it certainly handles well.

My only comment is regarding the gearing, which is too long for a Manual/Clutch user. I would recommend making a second version with 1st gear being very short and 2nd being where 1st is in your current build.

Oh yeah I was going to sort that out for you. I just got back from playing football and I have half a groin left so I’m immobile for a while. Will upload this and work on some other cars.

It’s up.

Awesome, will try this!

I hope you enjoy it!

Well, I enjoyed my brief moment at the top on Rio Mini R. B0x AND AzzyG both took me by small margins, however I still have 2 good #1s in it at Sebring Club Wet and Rio Mini forward… until they inevitably beat me.

Nice tune Motorhead. Tried it on both Rio mini’s, and beat your time by .010 and beat azzy round reverse. By the way, what’s the shift point for short shifting? Though it seems quicker on Rio to not shift. Only downside is the launch, but I think you probably solved that in the tune you shared for PJ

I can’t wait to try this next weekend.

I pretty much came to all the same conclusions in your OP while doing the SP of the Porsche pack. I switched on telemetry and was having a hugely hard time trying to determine the shift point- 1st/2nd gear turns were 3/4gear in 919. Heck I think if your rolling at all there wasn’t much point being in less the 3rd. The car needs 2-3 more gears to take advantage of power band and it probably could take on Mazda

I really like the car- it’s a rocket. To like you said 130-150mph.

I had to go to manual only. There was no two ways around it and I’m really intersted to see what your gearing is like. Also to see if my assumptions for improving the car are the same as yours.

Nice! I told you my times wouldn’t last long. I’ll have another bash at it tonight maybe. Although that lap on the forward was a fluke, I hit the wall! Shift no later than 7000rpm.

I did say manual sequential was suggested, there’s nothing in it between manual with or without clutch. But sequential will mitigate the launch.

3 gears all the way. 3rd goes off the chart!

Did some laps on a friends account without clutch, think i can gain another tenth with it. And unfortunatly saw that b0x and breeze beat me. I do think that not shifting is quicker round Rio though

Rio is so short it might work.

But yeah, looks like we got work to do! I wonder if I can match them or if that’s me done in the pecking order!