Have to wipe my xbox. Will I be able to get my game save back?

My xbox is corrupt they said try to do a factory reset and if that doesn’t work I have to get a new one. When I select to do a factory rest it tells me I will lose all game saves, apps, etc.

My question is, are all of my tunes and money and paint jobs all saved on the cloud. If I download my gamer tag will it all be there again? Isn’t that what the cloud is for?

Please help.

So long as you were connected to the internet, a game save should be located on the Cloud. Either way, there is no function to extract a game save file from the console; so, if you have to replace your console, you have no other option but to replace it.

I had to replace my Xbox and everything saved/restored fine. My issue was not any kind of corruption, though. That could get in the way of connectivity: if it’s not connected, it can’t sync to the cloud.

My xbox loads up but won’t load games or apps and xbox support said do a factory restore to see of it helps and it did not. So they’re sending me a new xbox. Wish me luck because if I have to re build and tune all of my cars I will be angry. Thank god for the cloud if it does keep my stuff though