Have not been able to find a single multiplayer session!!!

It’s been 3 weeks into launch and I still cannot find a single multiplayer session as the message “unable to find a session, please check you internet connection” pops up everything when my internet is perfectly fine, NAT is open, all required ports forwarded/ipsec enabled blah blah blah, everything is in order except this game just won’t let me find any multiplayer games. I can play multiplayer on every other game except this. The only way I could play online on this game was if I joined another friend’s session but I cannot find a session myself at all. Still have not seen the devs acknowledge this ongoing issue that a lot of people are having and it’s getting ridiculous as we are essentially paying full price for half the game. Please fix this ASAP or at the very least acknowledge this issue now and tell us that you’re at least looking into it instead of ignoring the issue completely.

Sorry, but what issue? I have played well over 60 complete RoadTrips online, done more than 200 Playground games and able to find/join/start playing online with my club members.

That said, I am on a Xbox One but unsure what platform you’re on. Also, but not pointing fingers: I seen recent other threads of people blaming T10 for not being able to play online yet when digging deeper they don’t have ALL/ANY required ports actually open, are running older firmwares on their controllers, are below the limits of what XBL-requirements are and such. So, but that is just my opinion, before blaming someone there is an issue and posting “blah blah blah, everything is in order”, you actually haven’t posted ANY technical info about your setup that we might have questions/suggestions about.

I am in the same boat. I cannot connect to any sessions in this game and most of the time in forza 5. Every other game works flawlessly. I have opened ports, dmz, redownloaded, cleared persistent storage, reset mac address. Nothing is working.

My router is less than 1 yr old my nat is open, I have a 20 mbps connection.

Please help. This was my most anticipated game this fall and I talked a lot of my friends into getting it. We all love the game but we cant play together.

No issue at all here with Xbox One version and all my firends are able to play fine.

Surely this must be a issue with your set up?

I’m having no problems at all

No issues on my end. Game runs great. My brother uses a different ISP and wireless (I use a wired connection) and he has no problems either. We play together daily, we can both join games.

Make sure your router is compatible with Xbox Live. I think they have an approved list of compatible hardware on Xbox.com. Also double check that your connection meets the minimum upload and download requirements for XBox Live.

After that, I’d be calling Xbox Support.

And for what it’s worth, with my compatible gateway/router I don’t have to forward any ports to have Open NAT on my Xbox One. (That stuff is ancient.)

FYI: I am using a dedicated firewall between my modem & router. Ancient or not, 99% of the businesses still run firewalls that need configuring. And so do I, at home.