Getting Online

Hi there.

Long story short, I still can’t join online sessions ever since the game came out on Xbox One. I can only do so if I have a friend that is playing online and join him. Other than that, I can’t find on my own Online Sessions, Online Roadtrips nor get in Car Meets. I DO NOT have internet connection issues as the game STATES. Internet is Wired, Nat Type is Open, DNS set to Google’s as suggested, still nothing. I’m telling you, this is beyond frustrating as I can’t seem to find anyone that explains why is this happening, and not even I can figure it out. For what it’s worth, this only occurs on this game. Other Multiplayer games work perfectly normal as they should. Someone needs to speak up as I’m not the only one having this issue up until today. It’s been 9 months of frustration.

Thank you in advance.