Lol, wow. If you’re like me, and you won the Vantage, don’t try to run it in an online lobby. I’ve been targeted repeatedly because of this car. The straights aren’t even safe. For now it’s funny, but it will get old fast.

Hate on…

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No, most people in public lobbies “target” whoever else is actually trying to race and the play the game how it’s meant to be played regardless of what you’re driving.


Very true, but when you get texts and audio hating on your car, it’s a bit different.

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That’s just childish beyond belief! I can imagine them being jealous, but that is no reason for abuse.
I can also not imagine it’s because the Aston is so much faster that they don’t stand a chance, or am I wrong about it’s performance?

Well, congrats on the car. I am hoping for another opportunity…

Wow I didn’t receive mine yet, did you get yoursome today ?

Never mind I just got it now

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while I wish everyone would have gotten the car, so stuff like this would never happen… I would never be one to crash someone else for having it. So congrats, and just record the crashers and report them only thing you can do


I don’t understand how this is any different than any car in any other lobby… :wink:


One my first race on Spa with it, cars a tank. Someone kept cutting and especially on eau rouge went into the back of my Vantage and the vantage didn’t even move.

You most likely weren’t targeted due to the car. Hope you made a difference and save the replay and reported it to T10.

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Car wasn’t hard to get anyway haha

99.5% will dissagree with you…


It’s not ok if they ram you but keep your cool and don’t talk back. If you do you’ll probably be the one to get punitive action held against you.

I agree I made that mistake about a year ago and sent a message to a on purpose crasher and was banned for a week from sending messages. I saw him online racing just as he had with me, crashing people so he didn’t get anything but I was banned. I do agree what I did was wrong but was the heat of the moment. I don’t win many races but was leading on the last lap and he waited a lap to take me out, successfully so I left him know my displeasure, bad idea but my fault for letting him get to me. Don’t do it!

Thats like the dictionary definition of the word Haters.

“u got somethin I don’t”


That’s just a modern mindset. The entitled don’t want to have to work for anything, they want it just given to them.

Congrats on earning the car through the first event it was offered. I’m not that good and I’m ok with that, I just hope the next event it is offered is one I can win. It is ridiculously childish to target you just because you got the car. I’m envious of course but I applaud your skill and determination to win it. Enjoy the car and race on!

Congrats, you’re fast and deserve it. Folks are just jealous because you’re faster than them.

After reading this again, I wanted to say the intent was not to brag, but to warn the others. Sorry if it came across otherwise.