Has anyone made any new Xbox friends in FM5 FM6 or FM7 - hoping it will be easier in the Reboot

HI all, I remember back in the day I made xbox friends or at least acquaintances with FM4 but I’ve made none in the latest 3 games.

Have you guys made any new connections with people to play Forza IN THE GAME not outside on discorded etc.

Did something change or I’m I just an old stick in the mud now?

What would be your suggestions for the new game to make it easier to create connections with other players to race together?

Obviously custom lobbies would be good, and something like a fire team from halo but a race team where you and a few mates can race together in races with others. Yes I get that there’s an opportunity to gang up on other players this way and cheat I guess (shake and bake baby lol) but we could have a few different lobbies types that cater to people in parties and those who are not.

I teamed up with someone from the TrueAchievement forums for all the Forza legacy games excluding the X360 games for the achievements. We rarely played anything beyond achievements due to server stability issues. However, we do compete in FM7 rival spotlight events.

I’ve made a lot of friends in FM7, and also some enemies (which sucks)

I find that early on in the games life it felt like people kept to themselves a lot more, but ever since it was taken off the store, a lot of people have been plugging in their mics and giving their commentary.

If you find it hard to make friends in the newer games, try talking. Its easier when someone else talks for other people to chime in and join.

If thats not an option, give a player a “GG” after the race, especially of they’re close in the pack. It’s lead to some very interesting conversations for me!

I will try my mic a lot more in the new one :slight_smile:

Send me a friend request. I dont play FM7 much, if at all, but likley will closer to the new game’s release date.

For me it was slow going in FM2. I had one friend from Halo that also played forza.

I have made friends randomly in lobbies mostly due to talking on the mic. The big key was apologizing for mistakes. Other times racing clean resulted in others inviting me to private lobbies.

Ultimately the biggest jump came when I decided to be more active on these boards. It all started by joining a random new race team. As I got faster I joined a huge race team that netted probably 30 new friends almost instantly.

I decided to also specialize in certain car classes which resulted in friendly rivalries and sometimes friends.

Participating in forum events such as hot lap challenges or various private leagues also helped. Participating in Forza esports also helped.

Since I stepped away from participating, the rate of new friends went away.

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