Looking for friends

Hey everyone, kinda new to these forums. I would consider myself an average Forza player. I’m looking for others who play the game a lot like me to play online sometime.

I just wanna meet more people who play the game. Feel free to send me a friend request on Xbox One.

I’m always down for some good racing however, i am 18 if that makes a difference.

makes no difference to me.

These forums are a great place to meet new friends. I started a thread one week ago and have made 15 friends since then feel free to add me to your friends list I play a lot. I mostly play on weekends. My job keeps me pretty busy during the week but I do play at night occasionally

A really good place to check is here: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_topics10_Racers-Lounge.aspx

There are several threads already existing asking for new friends.

Hey guys,

Also looking for friends, please feel free to add me.

27 from UK.


These hoppers are killing me. I’m able to get great starts on most tracks only to be slammed off the track by five other people at the first corner. It’s getting supremely frustrating to say the least.

If anyone knows of any good matches with clean racers, please add me as a friend so we can both benefit from quality (and clean) racing.


GT: Wh1skey_Icarus

Hi Maximus Rage and War Chief 2013 you are welcome to add me as a friend for some races but i don’t have a mic

Hey Man,

You UK?

Ill add everyone currently in the post, anyone who is posting after this, feel free to just add me.


I’m into clean racing and meeting new people. I’m not on a lot but feel free to add me if any of you are into the same thing.

Any of you guys feel free to add me as I’m always looking for new people to race with. GT: GBR x Expert

Really, the best place to check is here: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_topics10_Racers-Lounge.aspx

This applies to all of the “looking for friends” threads as well, so we’ll lock these here in General Discussion.

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