In need of friends to play with online

I recently got the Xbox One today, bearly getting the hang of it. I bought Forza Motorsport 5 and I also bought Forza Horizon 2. I’m in need of friends to play online with. I’m also getting Grand Theft Auto V by the end of next week hopefully. Right now im in work and don’t get out til’ late at night, at 2:00am ( Central Time ). Anyone wanting to add me, reply your gamertag and i’ll add you once im online.

Everlastings is my name invite me sometime I have the same problem, nobody plays fm5 anymore :frowning:

You can add me! Still playing FM5!

johnevo8 you can add me too i just got the xbox one too lol

Add me. I still play FM5, mostly sim style, but I am up for racing online. Trexx187

Add your name to pro rooms mate link is in my sig. Private lobby every Friday night. Good racers in there as well so it’s a good challenge.

Add me on XBL as well

You can add me if you’d like. I play all the time. I mostly play R class and X class time attacks
attempting to move up the leaderboards. I gave multiplayer a shot but most of the guys
I played with were extremely dirty racers and just jerks in general. I’d be more than willing to race with
someone who actually wanted to race not just make you crash or spin you out.

Add me, Lauboros

I would like to get an online racing league going. My gamertag is formerdevildog. I would like to do at least a.race a week. I would send out a message to all on what day and what track so you could practice and have a points system set up after so many races declare a season winner.