Hand brakes not working

Hi, I use the Fanatec csw v2 forza wheel rim, csp v3 with the Fanatec hand brakes. I can’t seem to get it to work with Forza (Xbox one s). It works fine with assetto corsa, project cars 2, dirt rally etc… but not forza… why?

Do you have it connected to the wheel base? If so, try it in USB. I believe Fanatec have a clubsport USB adaptor for the handbrake and shifter they sell to make them USB.

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It’s connected to the pedals… I’ll try hooking it up to the usb on the Xbox when I get off work later. Thanks.

Well I just about tried everything… failed. I’m guessing forza 7 is not yet compatible with Fanatec handbrakes. Works fine with other racing games, even GT sport beta via cronus max plus. Hopefully this get sorted out soon.

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year,
I am also having this problem with the handbrake. I have a custom usb analog handbrake and i am playing Dirt Rally/Project Cars2/Assetto Corsa without any problem. In FM7 it seems that it can not be recognized at all and i am loosing all the feeling of drifting. Any tips? FM7 does not supports analog usb handbrakes?

On the xbox it still unsupported unfortunately, along with shift lights and led gear displays, it will work on PC though.

Such a bummer t10 has not configured the fanatec hand brake on xb1…