Guys we can probably guess some of the cars that are going to be in FM6

So we can probably tell which cars are in FM6 ( I AM ONLY TALKING ABOUT CARS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN IN FORZA ) except the ones that have been announced. Like I can already tell the Veyron,LaFerrarri,P1 etc. are going to be in the game…


Edit: After careful consideration, I’ve had to change the grade to a D+ at best.


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I think he’s onto something!

Musclecars from the late 60’s and early '70s have always been well represented in Forza. I’d wager we’ll see:

'69 Camaro

'69 Boss Mustang

Corvettes of all eras

'70 Chevelle SS

'68 Dodge Charger

…just to name a few. Classic JDMs and hot hatches? One again based on previous Forzas, I figure:

Toyota Supra RZ

Toyota Trueno

Mazda RX7

Citroen DS3r

Ford Focus

'84 VW Golf GTI

Most of these whips have been in every title since FM3, so there’s every reason to expect 'em to show in 6.

I’d be careful about this.

The Lancia Delta Integrale ('92?) was in every single Forza before FM5. Yet, it was M.I.A there. Brought back in FH2, sure, but still gone in FM5. There were some racecars that were in FM1-FM4 but gone in FM5 as well (GT1 C6.R immediately comes to mind).

It seems like its safe to assume “well, if this car is scanned for the XB1, it should be on every XB1 Forza, right?” Yet, it isn’t. Every Forza Motorsport saw the decline of some cars from each new version. Just a few examples (including but not limited to):

FM1-FM2: Can’t really say as I’ve never played FM1
FM2-FM3: Lost pretty much all of the GT4 cars, ME-412.
FM3-FM4: Lost the Realtime Racing NSX, At-Speed S60R, Mini Coupe (to later resurface in FH), almost all of the Tuner cars
FM4-FM5: Eh…I’ll just avoid this one

“But this car is so popular with-/it has so many fans and -”

I know. It’d be weird to say “Oh, yeah, the R34 Skyline won’t be in FM6. Neither will the 458 Italia, Toyota Trueno, or the Ford GT40”.

That’s not to say it isn’t possible. Infeasible, but not impossible.

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And the grade hasn’t improved.

Nice try on the wishlist, better luck next time.

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