Gumpert Apollo 2005-2012

yes, thats actually want i think every player from FH1 wants, its like in 2013 that car itself just disappeared from racing games for no reason, it was a great car to use in FH1 and a great car to use in NFS hot pursuit, now that car is nowhere to be found ingames like newer FORZA, NFS, ASSETO, GT7 ETC, there really shouldnt be a issue with liceancing since they had the APOLLO IE since 2017 and has been in every forza game yet, its even in FM8 now


It was in FH1, please bring it back

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Please Forza, bring back the Gumpert Apollo if you can. I would love to see the Apollo S, Apollo Enraged, and would really like to see the Apollo R and the Apollo Basic. And if you can’t get any of the those, maybe add the Apollo N under the newer Apollo brand.

Gumpert Apollo S

Gumpert Apollo Enraged

Gumpert Apollo R

Gumpert Apollo Basic

Apollo N

Thank you for understanding my request.


The Apollo N is the best

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I feel like there’s a licensing issue with all this even though we have the Apollo IE.

Yeah, this is why it is probably not in the game.

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That why I need bring Gumpert Apollo GT back!!!

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Apollo Basic


Does anyone want this car in FH5 as part of the European Cars season?


I want apollo right now!


If not now, then in the next Series


I think it might have a chance in the future because Gumpert recently, is Apollo Automobili since 2016. As of now, it’s not part of the update…

I know, me too. I miss driving the car fh1

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