Apollo Arrow 2016-2017

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Apollo Arrow 2016-2017

Pictures of the car/ cars:


This could be considered a final evolution of the legendary Gumpert Apollo. Using a twin-turbocharged Audi V8, it developed about 1000 PS, delivered through a sequential 7-speed manual. The original company had gone bankrupt in 2013, and this was the first concept released under the new management who took over in 2016. Developed in collaboration with SCG, it would have been built by the people who made the New Stratos. However, the new management decided to go for a project of their own, which became the Intensa Emozione. The Arrow never got beyond the concept stage, but it would have been interesting to see if a prettier Apollo would have been more successful than the original from Gumpert.



Wild looks for the car, saddly I think it went never into production irl. At last you could drive a look a like in GTA Online. Saddly R* buttchered the model a bit by oversizing.

I’m sure this would look awesome next to a Gumbert Apollo and a Apollo IE