Gulf McLaren F1

Fairly new to creating designs in Forza, just wanted to get opinions/tips from you guys with more experience.

Wasn’t sure if this should go in Race or Fantasy, so put it here as, while it isn’t strictly a replica, it’s heavily inspired by real life designs.

Would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.


Welcome to the forums, Chez ;]

Looks pretty good ;] Like the replica vibe ;] Maybe only suggestion - try to keep vinyls off of or try to position them not on body creases - straight on , it might look ok, but try to visualize or place where surfaces are flat and vinyls won’t be distorted - ex. the “GULF” logo on the hood - maybe try to reposition or little bit smaller to fit within the hood vent ;] Otherwise, looks pretty sharp ;]

Hope to see some more stuff from you ;] Will be checking your storefront out - definitely ;]