GT500 Taillights

The GT500 taillights are all screwed up… The center sections are red instead of white. That in itself isn’t too bad but once you see it in a race, it’s atrocious since the lights aren’t as crisp as in Forza 5. It looks gaudy. I tried to upload a pic but no go

They changed the lights in 2013. They’re supposed to be red in the center.


^ That. They’re correct.

Lmao no they didn’t. I have a 2013 in real life lol. They turn red when braking and stay white otherwise. And if that’s the case then why are they white in Forza 5? The one in Forza 5 is also a 2013

Ahhh, I thought that was what you were complaining about.

Plenty of them out there with the centers red, (or even blacked out altogether) when dimmed, and it depends on the car that they scan. Heck, there’s even more than one car in the game with aftermarket changes present, due to the changes being on the car that was modeled for the game.

LOL are you dumb or color blind? The 2013-2014 have red and black tails.

I could ask you the same. Takes you about 5 seconds to google 2013 mustang taillights and see the brake lights are not red until you activate them.

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He might just see a white and gold dress when its actually blue and black… No bigi.


Wife has a 2014. There clear until you hit the brakes.

Your wife is awesome.


2013 Shelby GT500

Brakes Off

Brakes On