1973 Renault Alpine A110 [Xbox One]

Hi problem car 1973 Renault Alpine A110 back light not color.Xbox One version.


Repare to Turn 10/Playgroud Games? Thanks…

The color is there, it’s just very very faint. Most likely won’t get fixed, sorry.

Drive in cockpit mode, then you can’t see the taillights and your problem is temporarely solved. I think the Deves have more priorithy to work with buggs thath make the game almos unplayable för many players, me inkluded.


May be a texture loading issue. Don’t see it being fixed anytime soon, tho.

On the ford sierra rs500 they are the same the orange indicators are clear on the tail lights

Nah, they have other bugs to fix.

Silent engines > faded taillights.

Cannot unsee. This is something that needs to be fixed. The car is brand new to the Forza series and Forza is known for its high quality and detail. This car has a small but obvious issue that is most likely easy to fix and shouldn’t take days or weeks to get it right.

Also, not everyone at Turn 10/Playground Games is working on the very same thing. I’m sure there is a (fairly large) team dedicated to the graphical aspect of the game, while others are working on sound issues, online issues and so on, all at the same time. Fixing this taillight issue will NOT affect the progress of fixing other kinds of issues in any way.

it’s a minor thing really, but it won’t be fixed, as no car model with any forza, has ever been fixed after release.

The side repeaters are the same on the land rover, on the XB1

It won’t be fixed, Turn 10’s quality control with the cars in FM5 was a disgrace and the same quality carried over to FH2. I had zero interest in Project Cars about 2 weeks ago, but Turn 10 made that interest grow. I just can’t get over the fact that they didn’t bother to fix the issues after FM5, then had the nerve to charge the same people who bought FM5 to get a “new experience”. New experience my [Mod Edit - Hieronymus (Profanity removed)] Like I been saying, we bought 2 beta’s, if they cared about making a great game they would have fixed the issues that were stated by their PAYING fans for a year now. FM5 was a beta to experiment with the new console for their Motorsport series and FH2 was the same for their Horizon series. Look at all the bugs, glitches, errors, laziness with detail, and lack of content involved in both games compared to the past. Wake up.

ArticularAlloy, do you have a blog or something I could subscribe to? I wish to read your enlightening rantings daily with my morning coffee, using the Horizon 2 disc as a coaster of course.

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Not at the moment, but I could if you would like to pay me to entertain you with my thoughts on the game daily. lol

Maybe the mechanic couldn’t find replacements for the light covers, so you had to stick with the faded ones that were on it. She did a great job of cleaning them up though, so don’t be so ungrateful!

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