Grid Expansion to over 24 cars

Over the previous games, the car limit for each track is always 24 cars. What do you guys think if T10 decided to expand the grid size for the current game? I think it would be a good addition to the game to give more exciting competition.

I like it, because i want to do multi-class endurance racing (IMSA & WEC),but unfortunately it is not possible due to the xbox consoles not having enough power to support 40 players (real player or AI). Maybe next gen?

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I am pretty sure the CPU that is in the X-Box would be overwhelmed by a larger grid.

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The lobbies rarely are full at 24 cars. Unless T10 is going to add “long”race lengths then 24 will never change. Honestly I think the short race lobbies should have less cars than 24.

More cars = more stress on pretty much everything from a tech level.

24 is enough and in multiplayer, rarely seen.


With the penalty system, netcode, & general lack of sportsmanship being what they are, I think larger grids could only bring even more problems.

It would be cool to move up from the 24 car count grid size that we have been using since FM5 I believe and maybe bump it up to 32. Once the AI gets fixed and other bigger issues are solved, I think that would help add to some great racing. It would make multi-class racing more robust but competitive with maybe even allowing up to 8 different classes to race each other. Also a feature thats been asked since around FM5 is the ability to hand pick cars for the grid set up for freeplay. It would be great to finally set up what cars to race against how we want without always going through the hoops of advanced racing options. Each grid spot could even be a different car if we so choose, give us that freedom T10.

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I second this. 42+ cars MIGHT be much for yhe consoles but 32 may be possible. And the ability to pick ai cars would absolutely come in handy. I would add the ability to use cars from our garages for ai. This way it would be easier to run class regulations.