Graphics - Reflections are rendered twice on opponents cars

The use of the player’s car reflections probe on all opponents cars has been an optimization trick used for decades in racing games (all Forza & Grand Tourism games for example). But now the opponents cars close to the player finally have their own reflection probes (great!) but unfortunately also have the players reflection probe being rendered afterwards (which is obviously a waste of resources & looks ridiculous).

As you can see the car ahead correctly reflects the overhead banner when it drives under it and then again when the player’s car drives under it. The player’s reflection probe shouldn’t be used on the opponents cars now that they have their own (unlike previous games) but apparently someone at Turn10 forgot to un-tick this before shipping the final build.

Xbox Series X in perfomance RT during gameplay & replays.

Hi, cube map reflections are the same for player and AI cars. It’s by design. Recommend you to see digital foundry tech review. They have mentioned this.

What I posted clearly shows that they are not. It’s no longer the case in FM8/23 (at least in Performance RT mode on Series X) . I recommend you re-read what I said & re-watch the short video. Opponents cars close to the player have their own probes in addition to the player’s probe. The reflection are render 2 x in a row. Which is literally the whole reason for the thread.
I don’t need to see DF’s useless & factually wrong article when I literally have the game in front of me and have posted a video contradicting it.


Yes it is clearly noticeable during replays during race starts when all the cars pass under the banner/bridges at certain tracks (Suzuka, Catalonia etc). Each cars correctly reflects what’s overhead but when your car also passes under the thing the reflection is again added to the other cars all at the same time.


Here’s a short video of it:
My car was in 12th position
All 11 cars in front have their own reflection probe reflecting the Honda banner over them at the right time when they pass under it but once my car passes under, its reflection is also displayed on the other cars.


Still the same after Update 6…


Same after Update 7


That’s so strange!