Got scammed by the auction house

I bought a Nissan Fairlady '69 of the auction house for 2 mil
My game crashed
When I turned the game back on, the money was gone but I don’t have the car

Is there anything I can do about this?

Nope. Game has many issues with syncing that can result in lost data. If it helps you’re not the first or last to suffer from this.


You can submit a ticket. They SHOULD fix this for you I would say.


I lost on a bid, clicked collect credits and never saw a dime.

I’ve sold an AMG GT Black Series today and when claiming credits an error showed up saying that the game couldn’t connect to FH5 servers. Upon closing the pop-up, the option to claim credits disappeared, and nothing was added to my balance. Bad luck, I guess…

is the car still showing as sold on your auction tab? if so, rebooting the game has fixed that problem in my experience

It does show as sold, but there’s no option to claim credits even after reboot, unfortunately.