Lost ~5 Million Credits Overnight


I had sold a Ford GT40 MK II Le Mans for 5.5mil credits on the auction house last night, after the cut I had just under 6 million credits on my account - but when I logged in this afternoon I’m only sitting around 1.2 million. I haven’t bought or sold anything else, or even played since last night, but it seems like the money I got from this sale is just gone - also I don’t have the car anymore either in my garage so I’m at a loss.

Can a support person take a look for me? Thanks!

As an update - I believe the issue was that I upgraded my PC to Windows 1809 when I received the credits from the auction, but I rolled back to 1803 due to other issues, and seem to have lost the progress/credits due to this.

Hopefully this is something that can be fixed?

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