GOLF 7.5R and the ,,Automatic Transmission,

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Im gonna start with a few issues i’ve seen. Nobody from the team responds to any of the messages on this forum. GOLF 7.5R was added,to everyone’s disappointment its just a copy paste from the one we already have,a manual? Really? GOLF R manual? We were expencting a DSG,i’ve noticed there’s no actual Automatic or DCT transmission in this game,even when set to Auto,the driver still shifts with the padels. We want to cruise arround and then when you floor it,to drop down few gears automatically ,like how it is IRL.Also the Launch Control implementation is mediocre at best,the wheels spin like crazy even with TC on…Launch control is supposed to keep your wheels from spining while giving you enough boost. That’s all. I know nothing that i’ve mentioned will be fixed,but whatever.

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I remember Gran Turismo getting quite a bit of flack for adding the 2020 Supra alongside the 2019 one.

Well, Playground are doing the same and making you pay for it. Where are the critics?

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We don’t all collectively want automatics over manuals. I speak for myself when I say that yes automatics are pretty much superior in every way that counts except fun and repairability. A DSG will shift faster, have more gears, put the power down precisely. A manual gives the driver an experience and adds a layer of attachment to the car that you don’t get with an automatic.

Ever driven through a tunnel and revved the engine? In a manual just push in the clutch pedal and let the engine rev without accelerating the car into traffic. In an automatic you have to shift to neutral to rev it and then shift back to drive and wait for the car to pick a gear that suits the road speed before you can continue on. Just not as satisfying.

I will freely admit that automatics of today will outperform most manual cars but there is a reason why four speed muscle cars go for more than their automatic siblings, even when they cost less from the factory when they were new.

I agree with you to some extent,however,what i meant to say is that,some cars are made more for the automatic,we don’t have any automatics in the game.For example,the GOLF R,99.9% of them found on the street are DSG,all the ones i’ve seen on the street and on youtube are DSG,following channels like Carwow ,i enjoy a mid 2000’s or even earlier cars that are automatic,but many new cars are made for DSG,DCT…please have a look on this video and notice the unintrerrupted shifts ,that’s what i miss :smiley:

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