Gold 50 Rewards

So I just turned Gold 50 today, was pretty pumped lol. But I didn’t get a “Level up reward”.
Is that now gone from the game ?

If I remember when I hit the 50 Gold level, I had to level up one more time to get the reward. Then the big $$ comes in to play every time you level up.

There is a “glitch” though when you hit the 50 Gold. If you play online lobbies a lot, this is something that you’ll want to do each time you play. This only takes a couple minutes, but it saves you from locking up in the middle of a lobby and having to reboot completely.

When you log in and go to Multiplayer …

  1. Go to Create Custom Game
  2. Choose Setup Game - Select the following options : “Private”, “Circuit Race”, “Carson Sprint Circuit”, 1 Lap … the rest don’t matter
  3. Choose any car you like
  4. Start the lobby, run the lap.

When you complete the lap, the reward counter should come up and award you nothing in CR.

Back out of the Custom Game and join any lobby you wish

Well I am on my 3rd Gold 50 Level up, 4th one in about 40,000 pts and still nothing lol.

I read about the glitch and the fix a while back and have done it since I got gold 50 just to be sure.

Not to worried about it, but it does give you something to strive for, if only just to see what you get lol

Thanks for the response Scottmaumee

So you hit 50 Gold, ran through another 161,000 CR, and you still haven’t gotten anything after that? If so, something ain’t right.

I have not received a single reward in Horizon not even the Tier leveling bonuses.
Just recently gained Tier 7 got message in FM5, FH2, & FM4 but nothing in FH1.

Scottmaumee, It was the 3rd Gold 50 level up, worth 161,000 that I got a bonus. A 2012 Ascari KZ1R.

There is definitly a problem if you don’t receive rewards after your 4th level up. Unfortunetly, I don’t have a solution.

The only thing I know is that you don’t get prizes the first level, but alter which should you get bonuses every 161,000 xP.

Congratulations for joining the elite club of Horizon demon, the Gold 50 Club.