Glitched up chat sound?!?

Just got back on FM5 after a couple weeks off and noticed in every lobby the chat is messed way up. Most mics sound like Optimus prime is talking. Before it was just not everyone could hear each other, now this. Any info would be appreciated, thanks. Also I tried to search but the search function is not working on my 5c chrome browser.

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Yeah this has been in the game since launch…
Its rather annoying
usually I have to shut my console off then turn it back on to fix it…
but I just stay in parties now

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I just now have experienced this transformer like distortion, so do we know off any patch for the issue?

This robot stuttering chat is in every lobby!

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Is the only fix a reboot of the game?

Glad to know it’s not just me! Just started happening recently. At first I thought it was because I started using my “backup controller” that I never use (but I forgot to charge my normal one) and figured I didnt do the controller update? Actually seemed to get better the next night when I used the other controller. But now it’s back. It happens quite often now, so I can’t imagine rebooting the game will help. It happens every time I boot the game to begin with. Perhaps the hard reboot of the xbox will help to clear cache? I’ll try tonight.

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Hold down the Xbox button on your console for 10 seconds. Leave a couple of minutes. Reboot, sign in with top left option, restart Forza and issue will be solved. THIS IS THE ONLY FIX

Same goes with:

Cannot enter a party
Cannot join a party game
Cannot chat in party

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And it doesn’t always work. I’ve had the issue a lot recently (never had it before the lastest game update), and fully shutting down and restarting hasn’t really helped much.

Hard reboot.

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Double post.

Teething problems. Once the game has been out a few month I’m sure it will be patched.

This. :wink:

I also keep getting a loss of sound as if the engine keeps cutting out at Long Beach.

Unplug the power cord, wait a couple of seconds and plug it back in. Worked for me.

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Thanks for the help guys!

I’ve been getting a sort of farting noise along with the engine sounds while driving in either multiplayer or career. Any known reason for this?

I have noticed that when it happens to me, I also get a notice that tells me that I have a weak connection. I have had excellent luck leaving that lobby and just joining a different one. Usually clears it right up, I guess it doesn’t check what servers have the best connection before joining a game. I don’t think this would be a problem if we could search for custom lobbies, that would show server ping.

I dont think having to do a reboot and unplug my console nearly evertime i play is acceptable. This is only happening to me on forza. This is a problem that needs a permanent fix. I did’nt expect to find such a problem with the next gen console. Did not encounter this on the 360. Doed anyone know the actual cause of this problem, without guessing?

I can confirm this is an issue on my console too. The only option is to hard reset the console. It sucks. All chat works great in other games.

Yup my buddies and I get the same issue except we call it the Wookie voice and not optimus prime . Usually just restarting the game or going to party chat works, but it is annoying… I noticed that when I initally just run the game after boot up everything sounds right, then if I go out to an app like tv for instance and then go back to the game the issue starts up.

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