Chat causing serious lagging

So anytime someone speakes in lobby or in game their voice has massive reverb echo for a few seconds and if in game this also seems to cause a HUGE spike in lag basicly making the game unplayable online…
Other than never playing online, anyone have a remedy for this?

Personal note, massive lagging issues and online competitions don’t mix well… unless you like screaming at yer tv! Lol

Sorry no remedy - game chat has been broken since FM5 and there doesn’t seem any effort on T10’s part to fix it.

I only see this happen when I don’t relaunch the game after the Xbox has been turned off. Relaunching Forza always fixes it.

Doesn’t help with all the other chat problems, mind.

Can anyone point me to a response from t10 staff or moderators that confirms they are aware that chat is broken. I don’t understand why chat has stayed broken all this time. I am hoping there is a response on the forum that explains what the issue is and why it hasn’t been fixed. Otherwise this is a very poor way to deal with a broken feature

Sound is mostly ok for me, but it’s quite often that I can’t hear everyone. I can see that they are making noises and people answer questions…questions I haven’t heard. And no, those are not muted or blocked.

I have also not understood this along with…

  • Why have they decided to patch a track (Monza) now when it was causing complaints 5 months ago?

  • Why, when you click “previous race” does it show scattered results when before it showed players in the order they finished the race?

  • Why they bother to patch tracks (that honestly don’t need it) when tracks like Sebring have been notorious for corner cutting since release?

  • Why the cars rev and get transmission damage in replays when in the actual race there wasn’t any?

  • Why they added hotwheels cars into the game.

Ah, yes, the Optimus Prime effect. It used to happen to me all the time on Forza 5 but not so much on this game, so idk what’s different between you and me.

You can always email Turn 10 if you are having big problems because of it. I don’t remember the address off the top of my head but someone here should.

I found that if you unplug and plug in your headset you can hear different people on the chat. And I’ve also found that a hard reset of your Xbox will fix the chat issue the first time you play.