Gas mileage stats/metric for cars?

Since fuel mileage is now a bigger factor in FM6 than it was in FM5 or earlier (the car stops, dead, end of the line if you run out), and I can dump a full tank in a McLaren P1 in 1.3laps of the Nuremburgring (GP + old track).

It would be nice to get gas consumption metrics as a variable to track for cars so you can make decisions on cars for endurance racing based on fuel use to possibly avoid a pit stop.

I haven’t really looked into it as I am yet to do any endurance races but I might do a couple this week (post patch) and calculate some fuel consumption. I’m most curious to know whether stuff like the diesel endurance prototypes get much better mileage in the game like they do IRL. That is the entire point as to why they exist.