Game freezes when importing liveries from F5?

As stated, twice now the game has frozen when importing liveries from F5. It simply says ‘saving’ but does not progress. Nothing will work for this short of unplugging the Xbox One and doing a hard reboot, something I am really not comfortable with. Those from Horizon 2 transferred fine, as did my layer groups from FH2. The only glitch from the layer groups from F5 was that I had one that was purely text and read ‘I aim to misbehave…’ The group transferred okay with the exception that none of the a’s came over.

Also, it would have been nice to have those from F4 available as well, as I had some pretty extensive stuff.


Try to hard reboot your xb1. I have no issues with mine


There is currently an issue with importing paints that feature lower case a’s from the fonts tabs of font styles 1 & 7.

Go back to FM5 locate the problem lower case a’s and delete them or replace them with another letter, save a new file and import that file in to fm6. You can then replace the missing a’s in the fm6 paintbooth.

More info here;

Good luck



I took the time to test importing every single type of layer from fm5 - fm6 and only had a problem with the two lower case a’s I’ve mentioned before.

Not everyone has played fh2 so advising the deletion of all logos is not necessarily the best way to go. Try the methods talked about in that thread & make sure 100% of the relevant lower case a’s have been removed and you should be good.

Let us know how you get on



FH2 doesn’t seem to be a problem. Just F5…

Yes. We know. Did you read that thread I linked at all? Or try removing the lower case a’s from your design that are on the fonts tabs 1 or 7 and then try importing the new design without them on?

Im having the same problem i make engines on my cars. And it just stays on the loading screen… Already been 20 minutes on the saving screen…

Does your design have any of the lower case a’s as mentioned in my previous posts?

So you’re saying if there are any lower case a’s ANYWHERE in the design?

Yes, but JUST from tab’s 1 and 7…
so, ungroup, and change them to any other vinyl, something obvious I would recommend, then import, and go back and change them back. Don’t alter location or size and it should be seamless.

If you have a full 3000 layer side, it MAY be easier to import the side instead…some people like to have bleeding eyeballs, …

I’m not THAT good…