Downloading Liveries from FM5

I have no issues getting my liveries from FH2… but I’m not able to get my liveries to download from FM5. The circle just spins.

Anyone else having this issue?

This is a known issue as explained in the discussion thread. Basically all designs with logos or script including a lowercase “a” from the first and seventh alphabet in game groups in FM 5 causes this problem. You should delete all of them (lower case “a”) in your designs, replace with a marker (just for eaysy reference) and then transfer them to FM6. That should solve it and then just add the “a” in the logos/script in FM6. Sounds strange, but that seems to be the main issue with your problem. Hope you get it solved soon mate.

If you then still have an issue, try saving the different sides of your design as a vinyl groups and transfer same as explained above. You must still delete/replace the “a” as explained above. Best of luck.



EDIT : Remember also to remove any locked vinyls and the identified in game manufacture logos before you start to import to FM6.

Thank you, I looked all over and couldn’t seem to find it.