Game crashing when importing tunes/paints. No achievement 'Cover Car' for Ford GT?

Every time I try to import my tune set ups or paint jobs from FH2/FM5, my game crashes and takes me back to Xbox One home. I’ve tried importing them around 10 times now and it’s doing the same thing every time, my game has never crashed for any other reason. My friends can download theirs fine, but I can’t. Any way I can fix this? I’ve tried restarting my console but it changed nothing.

I also played the demo so I got gifted the 2017 Ford GT, but the achievement for owning the cover car has not popped yet, and it has been almost a whole day since I got it. None of my friends have that either. Do we have to buy the car to get that achievement, I assumed it should pop even if it was a gift from T10? All other achievements are popping fine.

I was gifted the Gt cover car and the achievement was still locked.

I ended up buying the Gt for 250,000cr and that’s when the achievement unlocked.

Now I have 2 Gt’s. I might sell one back to the game or do some customization to it.

I was able to import my vinyls and designs without any issue. Not sure about tunes as I am not a tuner, so I didn’t need to bring any over.

However, the Ford GT achievement did not pop for me or friends either. We were thinking of just buying it as Juan did, but it would be nice to see this fixed.