Game crashes on welcome screen

Game crashes on welcome screen. It can`t load the first race. My setup- Gtx 750, 8gb ram, intel core i5-4460 with all new drivers. Help?

The game crashes on welcome screen. It can`t load the first race in rio. My setup- gtx750, 8gb ram, intel core i5- 4460 with all drivers up to date

I have the same issue!

GTX 970, 16GB Ram, i7-4770K

Same here

my game doesn’t reach even that, crashes after 2 seconds i started it


There are also some helpful trouble shooting tips and FAQ at this link:

In particular, there are some trouble shooting tips for gameplay issues under the “Troubleshoot gameplay issues on Windows 10” heading.

It might also be worth checking to see if you have the very latest video drivers for your graphics card. Here are some helpful links to do that. Some of the drivers state that they are for Apex, so check to make sure that you have the very most recent update.

NVIDIA 365.10:

AMD 16.5.1:

Intel Beta