Crashing on launching screen

Just finished downloading and launched for the 1st time.
However F6A isn’t launching the first introduction race.
Instead it crashes or simply locks. Occasionally it returns the low memory warning.
I’m just over or on par with the minimum specs as these are my system specs.

GTX 760 - 2gb ram - drivers 365.10
i5 - 4460
8gb ram
Single monitor setup
No programs running at all.
Only one active in the background is my Nvidia geforce experience.

So I guess I’m out of luck for this game as I can’t change the graphical settings prior to getting into the game?
Maybe that could be added as a seperate tool.
So that you can alter the graphic settings before launcing the game.

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Same issue here, running R9 270x 4gb from MSI… Anything we can do T10?

to adjust game setting prior to launch, you can go in the Nvidia control panel> manage 3d setting. inside you can select the program Settings tab. forza motorsport 6: apex should already be there (if not just add it by clicking add and navigating to the .exe file that should be found in the game install location).

you can then adjust multiple settings

I had the same problem and fixed it by setting my swap file size to exactly 2GB. Suggestion: check your virtual memory and make sure it’s at 2GB.

EDIT: It’s apparently still random, but I’m able to get into races. Some crash to desktop, some I am able to complete. This program is incredibly unstable.

This game requires alot of RAM, even for me i have a 970GTX with 4GB VRAM and 12GB DDR3. on highest settings it eats about 70 to 80% of RAM here.