Gallery: Apex Media - Updated July 2nd

Welcome to my Forza Horizon 3 Gallery

I’m also a freelance automotive photographer in real life. Feel free to check out my work in my Gallery and Instagram @live4theapex.

I hope you guys enjoy. Tips and Suggestions are welcome.


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June 29th: Classic Car Series #2

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Greatest Hits
I dont participate in the photo comps but these are the ones that have attracted the most attention from all of you, Thanks Again.

Very nice.I really enjoy your photos!

Thanks a lot man. Do you think I do to many action shots?

Not at all, I take all and any shots I feel I want to. I don’t count still VS action shots … whatever you want to shot and post you do it! I will always enjoy it!

I really like your escort shot.

Good job overall!

Great shots

Thanks guys.

Thank you, I love rally and the Cosworth is by far one of my favorites.



That jumping Raptor is a really nice shot! Love it!

The one with the sunburst? Thanks

Great feel to that!

Thanks, I like the feeling that a storm is coming.

Sorry about the long wait.

With the holiday and working on getting 100% in the game I havent taken a whole lot of new photos. These aren’t great but I’ve been experimenting a little.

Thanks for browsing.

The last shot is interesting! Nice work on the first one as well.

Thanks, I’m grateful for the support.